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June 16, 2012

Tiny Tree Hugger

One day we were headed to Eau Claire for some reason, I can't remember the exact day. But we were having car seat trouble. Morgan was fixing it, while I was trying to keep Henry entertained. Patience was wearing thin.

So in a desperate attempt to keep Hen from screaming and tearing through the neighborhood, I put him in the crook of the tree in our front yard.

He loved it!

Every time he is in the front yard now he runs to the tree and gives it a big hug. Then, screams until I put him in the tree.

His emotions change pretty rapidly once he's up there. At first he is super happy, he can't believe his baby luck. That is until he realizes I'm still touching him.

Then, I get the "stop-touching-me-now-woman-I-can-do-it-myself!" whine.

When I don't let go, he quickly goes into full meltdown mode. I take him out of the tree, and the whole routine starts again.


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