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June 13, 2012

Blogger Fail

I'd like to think of myself as a totally awesome mommy blogger. Everything I post is totally pin-able. Right? EVERYTHING IS PERFECT. LOOK AT MY AWESOME LIFE.

Uh, yeah right. Want to really see my life? Well, I fail. All the time. Perfect example:

I wanted to change up Henry's tot-school activity wall a little bit. So, I took one of the baking pans on his activity wall and some chalk paint to make it a magnetic chalk board.

I got it all ready. "Oh, hey, I'll blog about my awesomeness. Look how easy, everyone!" See --

I painted according to package directions and was feeling pretty good. It dried and looked!

Then, I wrote on it. Turns out Teflon really does repel all. Duh. The second I wrote anything, the paint peeled right off. Ugh, my perfect project was ruined.

Here, Henry, your perfect magnetic chalk board...


Feel free to pin away.

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kjw said…
Hahaha! Sorry that it fell apart, but I had to laugh at that since it is something that I would totally do as well. Live and learn, right? :)
Katie said…
LOL, whoops! Can you peel the paint off and try again on the metal surface?
Amy said…
This is something I would totally do too. I love that you're not afraid to share it anyway though :)