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3 Months Old

It's official, Henry is no longer a newborn. Now he's just a regular old baby. :insert Nicole sobbing: Once again, the passage of time makes me both happy and sad. I'm so happy to be moving away from the long nights, super frequent feedings, and hopefully the bouts of inconsolable crying. But I'm not thrilled to say goodbye to my baby that just stays exactly where I put him, who wants to cuddle with his Mama, and the extremely adorable little outfits. But Hen does make it easy to move on, everyday he learns something new, or does something so funny, you forget that with each day he just gets that much bigger, that much older. Then, bam, here I am writing another monthly update.

Henry loves other babies!
First Twins game. He slept through the whole thing.
Rolling is fun.
Henry has changed a lot over the last month. He's now a little over 13 pounds and right around 25 inches long (these are unofficial, Henry has a doctors appointment next week so we will know for sure). He's become so much more expressive, and has so much more personality. Hen smiles at everything now! He started laughing! He watches you, and tries to copy facial expressions. He also has a killer stare when he is really focusing on something, you can just tell he is trying to soak up everything. Now he is also much more into making eye contact when you talk to him, and when he coos. His coos have also become complicated, he has happy coos, sad coos, and warning coos (as in "Warning, I'm not liking this activity anymore and I'm going to have a total breakdown in 3...2...1...").

First time in his Bumbo seat, he clearly wasn't a fan. But he loves it now!
Outside doing lawn work.
Baby shades! There's nothing cuter.
Teething has :-(
Henry is also extremely physical. He rolled over from back to belly, discovered his toes, tries to climb up your body as you hold him, tries to sit up, scoots on his back and belly, and holds is head completely up. I truly believe he hates being in a baby body, and a lot of his daily frustration comes from not being able to control his body.

At 3 months old, Henry wants to be constantly entertained. He will stay happy during an activity for about 15-20 minutes, but then is ready to move on. He no longer minds getting dressed, and has actually started to like his swing! His love of tv has become insane, he will turn his whole body as far as he can in order to watch the tv if he is faced away from it. He will even stare at the tv when it's turned off! Henry also loves to be outside and is instantly calmed. He seems to really enjoy the warm weather, he even loved it those few super hot days. He also loves being in his Moby and putting every thing he can, especially fabric, in his mouth.

I wish I could sleep this good - sleep was pretty rare this month.
Henry wishes he could walk!
This month has not been without it's challenges. Henry continues to struggle to poop. Over the last week Henry was diagnosed with painful acid reflux which lead to extreme fussiness and some serious sleep regression (I'll write a separate post on this). Basically the screaming continued, the fussiness continued, and no one got sleep. One of the most frustrating things Henry has stared this month, was his hatred of driving in the car. He has always hated his car seat, but would fall asleep once we started driving. Well now driving makes him scream. Not just cry, but absolutely flip out. He screams bloody murder until we take him out of his seat. It makes it super hard to go anywhere, and I basically dread driving with him. This may be related to his reflux, so I'm hopeful that as the reflux gets under control, so will driving.

Watching Twins on TV - this was for the picture only, we try not to let him watch too much TV.
See he really will sit in his swing, but notice the foot - this is the reason he gets strapped in!
This is what most of his 3 month pictures looked like - he doesn't like to sit still!
Morgan and I are looking forward to the next month. We have a lot of fun planned, and hopefully there will be plenty of wonderful weather. And hopefully Henry's issues will continue to get better and we can enjoy our non-newborn baby.


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