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Having a Montessori home means having a home that is as accessible as possible for your children and respecting that they can act freely within that environment. Nora is officially potty learning (potty training in Montessori speak) and as she is using the bathroom more, we've been making some changes to make it as accessible as possible. 

This means we've been making a few changes from our last bathroom update. You'll noticed we ditched the glass since the kids now have access to those in the kitchen and have added lower features so they don't have to be dependent on the stool. 

Potty: Our potty is about the last object with eyes (that isn't meant to have them) in our house. But, it's one of those things that I don't want to replace for that reason, I just don't see the benefit for the cost. This one is more Montessori friendly. 

Books: Everyone Poops, Baby's Book of the Body, First Book of Clothes and Potty. Typically, Nora only reads on the potty, not the floor. But, for purposes of this post we obviously skipped the action shots

Mirror and Stool are from IKEA; Hooks also help to make towels lower and give the potty seat {for Hen's use} a handy spot. 

We also recently replaced the faucet in the bathroom to one that the Henry and Nora could more easily reach from our {now larger} stool. This way, they can independently wash hands, brush teeth and get water for cleaning. Not only does it look way better than the old one, the kids love it! 

We still use a tray in the cabinet to hold all the kids' bathroom stuff. Their brushes, lotion, and hair spray {a bottle of water.} This lets them access the things whenever they need them without having to ask. They can also easily put them away if they need to. 

Our bathroom is nothing fancy or special! It's not large and its not updated. I hope that shows you that you really can make a Montessori space for your children anywhere. Even making one or two changes so your children can be independent can make all the difference. None of these changes has been time consuming or expensive, but they work so well for even the littlest members of our family! 

Have you made Montessori changes in your bathroom? What has worked to help your children? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. This is on my to do list and it now seems achieveable.

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is on my to do list and it now seems achieveable.


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