DIY Rainbow Rock Clock for Preschoolers

As I mentioned in my post on Montessori time telling, Henry is interested in learning how to tell time. I wanted to make a fun more-permanent extension for our classroom for him. 

I had seen a rock clock on Pinterest, and wanted to recreate something similar. In Montessori we try to take the abstract and make it as concrete as possible. We also strive for natural beauty. I thought this did a pretty good job fitting with those goals, even if it's not a traditional work.

To make the clock, I simply gathered 24 rocks. The larger rocks were from my sensory filler collection, and the smaller were from my garden. I painted each with acrylic paint. 

The larger rocks were for the hours, since that's the larger unit of time. I used rainbow order and color matching to make the clock self correcting. Henry knows rainbow order well, so he could spot if something was out of order.

I added a simple blank clock face to help add structure to the clock. Henry has returned to this basket regularly. And it is a simple DIY for any preschooler!

I hope you have as much fun with this as we have!

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  1. Fabulous! Will try this when Vito's of right age. This is just so cute! I featured this in our Learn & Play Link Up. Thank you for sharing and please do join us again next week!


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