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24 Weeks!

Viability!! Nora is finally more likely than not to survive if she was born now -- but lets hope that doesn't happen. We are nowhere near ready, since we still seem to be in ignore-the-baby mode around here. I'm not really sure why, but its just so hard to get into this pregnancy. We did buy one outfit after our ultrasound, and the fabric for the nursery, so that's something.

Thankfully, Wiggles seems content in there. She is so wild and constantly on the move. At my OB appointment her heartbeat was 159, and I was measuring great. So, all good news. 

I'm feeling alright, for some reason, I have been so exhausted (hence the lack of posts lately). I seriously feel like I cannot move by the end of the day. I've been sleeping alright, so I don't think that's the issue. I do seem to constantly be fighting some little cold, so I'm blaming that. My symptoms have still been fairly mild, other than the exhaustion. My back is starting to ache more, a little swelling, and I've had a little heartburn but not much else. 

Since my last update, I got the results back from my heart monitor. Everything seems normal, although they did pick up a few irregular heartbeats. Since the irregularities weren't prolonged and don't seem to be causing issues, we aren't doing anything about it now. The OB I saw (mine is on maternity leave now -- sob!) was slightly concerned about my low blood pressure -- 95/57 at my appointment. So, I'm drinking water and a little extra salt to try to get it up some.  

I've also started wearing a carpal tunnel brace to hopefully avoid the terrible carpal tunnel syndrome I developed with Henry. With Hen, by 37 weeks my right hand was almost completely numb all the time and stayed that way until he was 8 or so weeks old. I'm hoping a brace will help avoid this annoyance -- especially since its pretty hard to blog or work (as a writer) with numb hands. The OB was hopeful that my lower starting weight this pregnancy will work in my favor in avoiding it, but she did warn me that I shouldn't gain too much weight (I'm only up 8 pounds so far) and warned that I was gaining too fast -- um, ok, whatever crazy OB. 

Anyway, lets hope the next OB I see is better, that I pass my diabetes test in a couple weeks and that I finally start preparing for Nora by the next time I update!



Maureen S. said…
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Maureen S. said…
That OB lady is crazy alright! ;-) I'm glad to see an update and that you and baby Nora are doing great! <3
Hmm that was a strange comment on her part, maybe she thought 18 and misread it? Or she had a mini-stroke ;) With a goal weight gain of 25-35 lbs over a whole pregnancy and a rate of 1 lb/week in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters if you are normal starting weight, you are doing perfectly. Go eat a damn burger and feel good about it ;) Glad things are going well!
Unknown said…
Ugh yes I had a midwife say the same to me about weight once. I just rolled my eyes and said I am not worried. I gained about 37lbs total, so just outside of what I should have gained. I think it was my body's way of preparing for breastfeeding, with my first I lost the weight very quickly and this time around it is falling off quickly since 6 weeks postpartum.
Did you know Dr. H had a baby?! She apparently had it earlier than planned, but she's on leave until July :( Now I have to see some other doc at that clinic. Dr. H would never had said anything about my weight.
Thanks! I wrote it her off as being crazy and I won't be going back to her. Trade that burger for half-a-pack of girl scout cookies, and I'll take your advice! ;)
I am about to go finish my box of thin mints in my freezer. I can't stop myself!!

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