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February 24, 2014

Letter D Tot School

We had fun with the letter D a couple weeks ago. I'm surprised how quickly Henry is picking up each letter's sound these days. Children's ability to absorb and learn is so amazing. On our first tray in our Letter D tot school unit was a dog tray.  

Henry is 35 months old. 

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On this tray there was a set of dog figures, and a sheet with pictures of real dogs. The goal was to match. Some were easier than others, but some were kinda tough. It took close examination of each dog to figure out which was which. Henry always loves using little figures.

The second tray was a set of dinosaur shadow picture to picture matching. This was the first time I've done matching to shadows, and Henry seemed to enjoy it. It was more of a challenge than his typical matching activities.

The third tray was using duplos to make towers the same size as the number cards. Henry loved this tray and spent the most time with it this week. It was also a hit with the co-op kids.

Other activities for our letter d tot school included:

Letter D Sensory Bin:

Letter D Magnet Board:

Sandpaper Letter/Salt Tray: The kids are starting to get over the sensory aspect of these and make the letters! Its great to see, especially for Henry who is very reluctant to use anything to write letters.

Sight Word, Letter Matching: We did a few more of these cards, and they were still a big hit.

Easy D-Word Puzzles: We used these last time we did the letter D, they were just letter D words cut in half. They were probably a little easy for Henry.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Which was your child's favorite? 

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Amy @ No Greater Honors
Did you cut his hair, or just straighten it? He looks so grown up all of a sudden! Usually, kids don't look that grown up until AFTER the new baby comes, but he's hitting it early! :) I love the dog matching and dinosaur shadow matching! Did you make the dinosaur cards and the picture/word cards? If so - what program did you use to make them?
Jen @ the mama years
I love that shadows idea! Matching has gotten too easy for my henry for certain things but the complexity of shadows might just be what he needs. Pinning!
Annie said…
Where did you find the shadow matching?
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
He got a haircut! But, its been SO cold and dry here that his hair isn't keeping the curls as nicely so its straighter too. His birthday is coming up super fast and he is looking much more grown up all of a sudden!

I made the cards using Microsoft word. I found the images online.
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Thanks for pinning! That's exactly why I used shadows, regular matching is starting to get too easy for my Henry too so it doesn't keep his attention.
Kali Lin
Kali Lin said…
Really neat ideas! The dog matching tray is really great, and I love the sandpaper/salt tray. Did you make that yourself? I would have never thought to use salt, but such a good idea and inexpensive too!
Stacy said…
Great ideas! I especially love the Lego counting!
Kristina said…
Great ideas for the Letter D! Did you make your printables? If so, I'd love to know how you made the shadow activity.... well, all of them actually : ) Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Nicole? Please, could you share with this beutiful matching dino material??? my little boy will be happy and surprised. for him this Year is a dino time!!!! :)
Unknown said…
Nicole? Please, could you share with this beutiful matching dino material??? my little boy will be happy and surprised. for him this Year is a dino time!!!! :)