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Letter M Tot School {Part 1}

Tot school is back after an extended break. The break wasn't really intentional, part of it we were on vacation, part of it we were just busy doing summertime stuff. I was kind of feeling guilty about how little time we've spend doing {planned} tot school activities, but I've decided to cut myself some slack in the summer. While last year we were able to continue tot school on a weekly basis over the summer, this year Henry is older, busier, and more interested in being out-and-about. So, I've decided if a letter takes two weeks this summer -- that's alright. 

So, without further ado -- Letter M week, part 1. Prior to this week, Henry could identify both the capital and lowercase M. 

On the first tray was all about mail. It included crayons, paper, stamps, crayons, envelops, and a small metal mailbox. This way Henry could "write" a letter to friends and family and send them off. He had so much fun with this tray! While he spent a lot of time putting his letters into his mailbox, we also put them in the actual mail together. 

The second tray was a "make-a-monster" station. It included a tray filled with different bodies, eyes, mouths, and feet/hands to make a silly, happy monster. Henry didn't use this tray much but did think it was silly the couple times he did which was good because all of a sudden he thinks all monsters are scary.

The final tray was a money sorting activity. The tray included a wooden bowl filled with coins, a plastic container with holes cut to fit each coin, and some identifying coin cards. This was Henry's favorite activity for the week. I included quite a few coins but he sat there and sorted each one several times over. He also used the cards to sort the coins into types. 

The final activity was a letter M sensory bin. As always Henry liked to explore this bin. He especially loved the little sock-monkeys. 

Stay-tuned for next week, for part 2 of the letter M. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for this week! Do you find that you've had to modify your tot school program for the summer?

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Kaysha said…
LOVE the monster activity! So creative!
I love the money tray! My little guy loves 'coins' and 'money' and although he has acted like he is just ready to move past the fine motor work similar to that with pasta etc using the same type of container, I think he would enjoy that! :)
I love these trays! The Make A Monster one is Brilliant!

I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award on my blog today :) Have a great Summer!
Lindsay said…
YES! We've been doing one letter every 2 weeks, too. For some reason the summer is just so busy, and we have family visiting from out of state for Ethan's birthday, and it works better this way -- though we have been spending a ton of tot school time lately. (It's just so hot outside!)

LOVE your trays, as always! The monster one is awesome!
Such great ideas as always! We too are slowing down this summer - too many fun things to do outside!
Unknown said…
Great collection of ideas for the letter M which we are doing this week!
Plumeriatmc said…
The "Make A Monster" activity is a fantastic and fun idea!
Unknown said…
I could barely look at the activities because I was busy looking at that adorable little guy... Too cute! Now I'll go back & look at the thank you for sharing.
Kristina said…
Just linked up our M week over at 1+1+1=1, too! Love your monster and money activities!! We focused on monkey, minnie mouse, and color mixing : )
Anonymous said…
Where did you get the coin cards? Awesome!
I made them! If you would like a copy, send me an email and I can send them to you!
We got *this* close to doing Minnie Mouse this week too! Henry is obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
Plus, this was so simple! Its really perfect!
Deb Chitwood said…
Awesome activities, Nicole! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. This was a very popular post when I featured it at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:
Courtney B :) said…
I love all of your letter activities. I can not wait to start letters with my little one. At what age did you start Henry with the letters?
Thanks! We started at about 22 months!
Valerie said…
Love the week. I must say the money and monster tray were my favorites! :) I don't know if my toddler would like the monster building either but I know my preschooler would! :) Enjoy the summer! :)
Whitney M. said…
I would like a copy of the money cards, as well, please.
Thank you! :)

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