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June 19, 2013

Life Lately

There are so many little things going on lately and they all seem to be taking up just enough of my time to make things crazy. I hope regular life slows down some so we can get back to checking things of my bucket list

~Almost three weeks ago, my work switched to a completely new system which has thrown a loop into my normal schedule. I used to write during the week, and edit on the weekends. Now it's reversed -- I edit during the week and write on the weekend. Along with the schedule change, I've also just about doubled my writing work load {to around 30 articles a week}, so that's been interesting. But, also kind of nice. I have more non-working week nights off and it's giving Morgan and I more couple time.

~I've been doing a little 30 days of toddler fashion challenge on Instagram. There are no rules, I totally made it up. I just show something that Henry has been wearing that day. It's been really fun, and I'm super enjoying using the chalkboard some more as a background for photos. If you want to join in, its certainly not too late!
~Henry is getting his second 2-year molar. Ugh. So, we've had lots of late nights, early mornings and really crabby days. Plus, he's back to chewing on everything. The number of times I've had to say "stop chewing on your shoe" is getting kind of crazy. 

~We bought a minivan!!! I'm officially a mom-mom driving my kid around, and its amazing. I'm so happy to not have to climb into my tiny car to strap Henry in. It's taken us Morgan months to find the perfect car. He test drove so many cars and spent countless  hours searching. We ended up buying a 2007 Toyota Sienna and serious, I'm so in love. 

So, that's life lately! Do you feel like your summer has been slow and relaxing or crazy busy?


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Catycate said…
SO very jealous of your mini van.
Anonymous said…
Lindsay said…
Totally jealous of your mini van! I really wish we could afford one right now. Car troubles are the bane of my existence! My car is just so small (Mitsubishi Outlander, 2005) and I have trouble fitting the stroller in the trunk AND groceries, or the fun that with Ethan's seat still rear facing, my husband can't drive it because he can't push the driver seat far back enough. My husband's car is a 2 door Accord coupe, which fits nothing, not even our car seat, but neither of us have car payments right now and so we've juggled. BUT, my mom got a new car and offered to give us the one she was driving -- an '01 Acura MDX -- for free. Obviously, we took it, still hanging onto my Outlander for my teenage sister to learn to drive on and get when she gets her license (she's 16). The MDX has been amazing, and huge!, but it's still old and lately things have been falling apart. The windows FELL! OUT! while I was driving the other day. FELL OUT! My dad had to come to my rescue. And once THAT was fixed, now the battery is dead and I'm back to the Outlander. UGH! I need a Minivan. Yours is adorable!

(Sorry for the car rant. My life is all aobut I HATE CARS right now.)

I am loving 30 days of toddler fashion. Amazing idea!
Steph @ The Kat Almanac
AJ is getting molars too. I took him to get a snow cone today and all he did when we got to the shop was run all over the place. Then when we got home with the mostly melted cone THEN he wanted it. That kid I tell ya.
Jen @ the mama years
My summer has been very stressful so far and I've decided to sit down today and make a list of the things I want to do, that way when I do have free time I don't sit there saying "wait, what was it I wanted to do?!" Sometimes it's hard to step back and just enjoy the moment. Congrats on the new car!! And hope those molars bust through soon!