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TAT: Where it all Began

Today's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is: How you met your spouse. Honestly, I have no idea when or where I met Morgan. None. Neither of us has any clear memory of meeting for the first time. 

Morgan remembers a brief encounter -- freshman year of high school. It was first period on the first day of high school, astronomy class.  There were only two freshman in the class -- Morgan and me. I dropped the class the next day. Years later, Morgan reminded me that he was the other freshman in that class. I'm still astonished that he remembered it was me. 

As high school went on, Morgan and I had a lot of friends in common but weren't really friends. Maybe we never were formally introduced, but we were friendly enough if we happened to be together. Then, senior year we were lucky enough to take the same math class. We spent the whole year joking around as if we had been close friends. 

In May{ish} 2003, at our mutual friend Emily's high school graduation party we spend the whole party together. From that point on, Morgan was one of my closest friends. We spent that whole summer hanging out. Freshman year of college we remained friends and chatted all the time on {this makes me sound and feel really old} AOL Instant Messenger. 

The summer of 2004 Morgan and I officially became something more than friends. We texted day and night. Hung out at every available opportunity. July 4, 2004 was our first real kiss. By October we were exclusively dating long distance (I was in Chicago, he was in Minneapolis). And the rest is history. 

Sometimes, I wish I had stayed in that astronomy class, not wasted my time. Despite that and even if I can't remember meeting him, I know Morgan and I were meant to be together. 

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Love your last paragraph, too cute!
Anonymous said…
Awww! I love it! :)
Sarah said…
Isn't it amazing how all our stories just work. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be :)
Amy Warrick said…
I can relate in a way - my husband and I also went to the same high school, but we were high school sweethearts, and he graduated a year before I did. He went in to the military and then we, also, 'dated' (if you could call it that) long distance for almost a full year before we were married. I love your :LOVE: story - I think each one is unique and equally sweet!

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