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The Color Purple at Tot School

Henry is almost 15 months

This week we did the color purple in tot school! It was a huge success.
I kept the activity wall pretty similar this week. I added some purple felt shapes, and a purple felt flower. On the baby pictures we worked on identifying nose and mouth. Then, we had some purple magnets. Henry is starting to really love the felt board. His favorite was to pretend to feed me the carrot. He's pretty much ignoring the baby pictures now, so its time to switch things up. 

The tot trays were really fun this week! Our first tray was a set of homemade flash cards. Each color had a square color, the name of the color, and a corresponding colored picture. I made them, printed them, and then laminated. They turned out great! Henry went back and forth on these. Hen liked finding the color I asked him to find, or the object I asked him to find. But he really wasn't interested in matching them up at all.   

The second tray was a plastic deli container with a small hole cut into the top. Then, it had a purple bowl filled with the plastic tops to the squeezie baby food pouches. Henry could then place the tops into the container. Henry went nuts for this activity! He sat there every single day and did it over and over. I cut the hole just big enough that he would have to push the top in a bit, and he really liked the challenge. I think he also loved the noise it made when he shook the container.

The final tray was our colored sensory bin. This week was the first time I tried small erasers in the bin. Hen loved them, but had to be closely monitored because he just didn't want to keep them out of his mouth. He also loved putting these in the container with the hole from his other tray. The purple beaded necklace was also a huge hit.

The book bin was actually a favorite this week too. I was surprised because I really didn't like most of the books. They were meant for way older audiences but they sucked Henry right in. Henry's favorite was Sorting by Color by Jennifer L. Marks.

Other activities we did included:

Purple finger painting. I stripped Henry down to his diaper, cut up a diaper box, and went outside. Henry loved the finger paint, we did eventually add some different colors and things got really messy. Then when we were all done, I just hosed him off in the sprinkler, which he equally loved!

I made some purple play-dough at home, which was super easy! Henry, really didn't like it. Boo. We tried a couple times but something about it just didn't sit well with Hen. I'm pretty sad about this, but I guess I'll just wait a couple months and try again. 

Added a purple flower decorated with purple stickers to our classroom wall.

Colored with purple crayons.


Bethany Hammond said…
Would you quit being such a super mom already? Kidding! E saw your sensory bin and asked, "Why don't WE have one?!?!" Ummmm....I can make you one??
Mrs. Mommy said…
I would love those flash cards if you're willing to share! My email is!

Kyla won't do play-doh either. She touches it with one finger and then won't have anything to do with it. I try every couple weeks to see if she'll play with it.

Claire H. said…
Nicole I would love a copy of the flashcards. We're going to be repeating colors next week and this would be perfect. My email is

Lillie likes playdough if I make something with it and then hand it to her. Apparently smashing things is more fun than building things:)

Lindsay said…
I was JUST going to get rid of an old deli soup container, but now I'm keeping it to do the baby food pouch lid thing! Thank you!
Kristi Vest said…
So I just found your blog, and LOVE your flashcards! If you don't mind sharing I would love getting a copy-
Anonymous said…
I know this is an old post but also would love your flash cards! My boy is almost two and it seems like he is starting to figure out the colours so this would be great! My email is klijndubai[at] Thanks!

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