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June 10, 2012

Mass Transit

After last weekend's awesomeness, Morgan and I got up early (well not totally by choice) and decided to take Henry on his first trip on the bus and light rail.

We left with no expectations and no real destination. If Henry hated it we would come back, and call it a day. Or else we would just see where the day took us.

This is pretty unusual for us, Morgan and I love plans. Like really love plans. Things could have gone really wrong. Henry could have melted down, it could have taken us forever to get home, it was hot...but it all worked out!

On the light rail -- Henry didn't like the noise in the tunnels.

We got on the bus near our house and headed downtown Minneapolis to the light rail. From the light rail we decided to head to the Mall of America. Henry was mesmerized and quiet the entire time we were on the bus and train. He loved not being strapped down and sitting backwards.

At the mall, Hen grumpily and unenthusiastically rode some rides, played at the Lego store, and ate lunch.

Best part of the whole day? Henry fell asleep in his stroller for one of the first times EVER! It turns out, mass transit is the perfect way to wear a baby out.

And I never thought I would say this but, it really made me miss riding the bus.

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Amy said…
Looks like fun! I want to take Kyla to Mall of America some day. Won't be before the baby is here though so I guess we'll be taking both of them!

She never sleeps in the stroller either!
Nicole said…
Oh, do you live near here?