Every Christmas Eve, Morgan's family reflects on the year by candlelight. Its a beautiful tradition that I cherish deeply. This year I came to two conclusions during this reflection: this has been the best year of my life, and this has been the fastest year of my life. Unlike the busyness of last year, this year has been more low key in a way. Yet 10,000 times more spectacular. I'm tearing up thinking about it. But our year in review:

January: I got my drivers license! Got hugely pregnant. Suffered through a ton of snow.

February: Got to full term in my pregnancy! Finished work. Enjoyed our last moments together without a baby.

March: Henry was born!! Enough said.

April: My nephew Elliot was born. Morgan was confirmed Catholic.

May: Henry was baptized. I celebrated my 26th birthday and my first Mother's Day. Blog turned 2 years old. Took Hen to his first Twins game.

June: Henry was diagnosed with Acid Reflux. 

July: Had an awesome time at the Cabin with Henry. Cory came home from Germany. I started couponing.

August: Morgan and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! Henry started solid food. We took a trip to Duluth and Henry met his great grandparents.

September: Morgan celebrated his 27th birthday.

October: Henry had his upper GI done.

November: Completed the 30 day photo challenge. Celebrated Hen's first Thanksgiving.

December: Celebrated Hen's first Christmas!

Wonderful year! Just wonderful.


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