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February 08, 2016

The Montessori Coat Flip

In the Montessori approach, it is important that children have the opportunity to be as independent as possible. We carefully prepare the environment so that it is accessible for even the youngest children. 

"Tag to the toes, hands in the holes and FLIP!" 

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However, we don't stop there. We give babies, toddlers and older kids the tools they need to be independent. Sometimes that a child sized chair, and sometimes it's a new way to put on a coat by themselves -- like with the Montessori coat flip. Most often, however, it's the space and time they need to pursue their interests independently. 

The Montessori coat flip was something I was introduced to many years ago when my niece went to daycare. I had all but forgotten about it until I read How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way. At the time, Henry already knew how to put his coat on, so it's just a trick I've been sitting on until Nora came along.


When Nora was about 15-months-old, I started showing her the flip with my coat. I also asked Henry if he would put his coat on that way. He happily agreed. 

To teach Nora I would lay the coat flat on the ground and point to the tag. Then, slowly say:

"Tag to the toes..." 

Then, I would help her walk so her feet were right next to the tag. Once she was standing in the right spot, I would say: 

"...hands in the holes..." 

At first, I would guide her hands into the holes. As she got the hang of it, I stopped helping her find the holes. With her hands in the holes, I would very excitedly say: 

"... and FLIP!"

At first, she wasn't successful at all but was very interested in learning. Then, she lost interest completely. For two months, I asked every time if she wanted to put her coat on and every day she said  "no." I respected that and helped. But, then, two weeks ago {at 19 months}, she finally said yes.

Teach toddlers how to put on their coats the Montessori way. This easy coat flip trick can be used with the youngest kids.

She was much more successful than her previous attempts, even without practice. She had been watching me and Henry put our coats on that way, so I think that helped. Within about a week of showing interest again, she was doing it perfectly! 

She's happy to get ready to leave the house, and I'm happy she's got the independence I know she craves! 

This perfect Montessori practical life teaches toddlers how to put on their coats. This easy coat flip trick can be used with the youngest kids.

Have you tried this simple coat flip? Does your toddler love it? 

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Mama Of Many Blessings
This is such a great way to teach little ones how to do a simple task that gives them such a sense of accomplishment!! I didn't learn about this method until our last 2 blessings, I wish I would have learned about it sooner. Pinning over to share with other moms too. Have a blessed week!!
S.G. Shanmugam
S.G. Shanmugam said…
Going to start doing this tomorrow! He'll be so pleased with himself when he learns all the steps :-)