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Warm Weather

It has been so nice here lately! Spring is officially in the air. We have actually hit 50 degrees! In February! But I guess that is also the bad news, its only February. There is more snow and cold on the way. There's no way to avoid it. I think, today is actually the last day for awhile that they are predicting these temps to last, tomorrow we are back to a high of 30. Which two weeks ago, felt amazing, but will now feels sad, winter-like, and downright cold. It's kinda amazing how quickly we become adjusted to these warmer temperatures, how quickly our hopes are dashed, and how hard it is to re-adjust to the cold. Well, at least for me.

The changes in the weather have brought some good and some bad side effects. For one, its melted a LOT of the huge piles of snow that have built up over the last couple months. It makes coming to a stop sign a little easier, since you can finally see around corners again! It's also been nice to start to see some grass again (although its just tiny slivers here and there). Also, its been really nice to not have to bundle-up (or winterize as I like to call it) every time you need to go outside. I was actually able to walk to work yesterday without a winter coat! (These temps also make me realize that even thought I hate HATE HATE winter, I am kinda lucky to be this pregnant during the winter - I can't imagine how much more uncomfortable I would be if it were also hot out).

Nettie has seriously enjoyed this warm-up. She has officially gotten spring fever and wants to be outside all the time! She would seriously spend all afternoon out there. But since we have gotten so much snow so far this winter, there is still a ton of snow left in the yard, even with major melting. So she does her best...these pictures don't quite do it justice, but the snow is still above her head and very heavy. She's trying her best to make it around the yard. These were all taken in a row, over the course of 5 minuets...

Heading out.
To late to turn around now...
She made it all the way to the fence. There is some dry ground there.
Finally made it to the patio area. This is right near some dry ground next to the house, which she could have used all along. But I guess the snow is more fun...
The bad news about the warm up also mostly comes from the dogs. Trucking through this snow makes for one dirty, smelly, wet dog. And unfortunately that dirty, smelly, wet dog eventually has to come inside. Needless to say the floors in the house are a total disaster. And I have no energy to even think about cleaning them up. The other bad-dog related side effect is summed up simply by saying: Lexi. She doesn't handle changes in weather well. That's all I'm going to say about that now - the problems really warrant their own post, but I'm just too mad about the situation now to write it. Ugh. 

The last bad side effect comes in the form of swelling. Anytime I get the least bit warm, my hands and feet swell. Well its been hard to keep the house cool (especially at night) and I've been dealing with the swelling. Thankfully, its not terrible, and I think its probably pretty unavoidable at almost 36 weeks pregnant. But honestly, I'll take swelling and dirty floors any day in February to feel 50 degrees!


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