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February 19, 2011

Completed Nursery!

Well its FINALLY done!! And I mean done! The nursery is complete! I'm using a lot of exclamation points so you can fully appreciate how excited I am about this!!!!

Tomorrow is my self-imposed "must be 100% ready for the baby" deadline, and thanks to Morgan and my wonderful mother-in-law Anita, we are going to make it! Since my last nursery update, a lot has changed in the room. We got a couple new pieces of furniture: our chair and our dresser, and we bought a new rug. We've hung curtains, cleaned, organized. Also all the baby clothes, blankets, burp clothes, and bibs have been washed, folded, and put away. I think the pictures will do a better job describing everything, so all I will say is that Henry officially has the nicest furniture we own!

We are certainly squeezing in right before the deadline! Our dresser actually arrived today. Anita (my mother-in-law) was nice enough to have her handy-man sand and paint an old baby dresser that my parents had in their basement. She then drove all the way from Eau Claire to bring it to me today. It turned out amazing! You would never know all the abuse that thing has been through over the years. It looks brand new and fits like it was made for the space! But once we got that, everything else has fallen into place. 

Crib, complete with new mobile.
To the right of the crib: Window with new curtains, and the beautiful dresser.
Close up of the super cute little hooks I got from my Grandma at my shower.
Close up of the dresser. We are also using it as our changing table.
To the left of the crib: the new chair.

The chair and play/toy area.

Play/toy area.
Inside the closet. Henry will not have a shortage of clothes!

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