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Nursery Progress

Since the plague seems to have finally left our house (poor Morgan took the brunt of it) we have finally made some serious progress in the nursery!

Way back in November I shared the beginnings of the nursery. Well, we finally accomplished a bunch of it! I think I have had some serious nesting to deal with over the last two weeks which gave me a serious urge to get this shiz done. It was practically all I could think or talk about. Morgan finally got so sick of listening to me whine about it that this weekend was pretty much dedicated to pulling it together. I was also motivated by my upcoming shower. I felt like I should at least have the stuff I currently own organized before adding anything else. Soo, long story short, we did it. And I think its starting to look super cute!

Of course we still have some stuff left to do, and I'm sure as March gets closer we (really my nesting self) will think of other projects that need to URGENTLY (hehe) be completed.

The first thing we (well only me on this one) was wash all the crib bedding. Take the plastic off the mattress. And finally set up the crib. All we are missing now is the baby!

The next thing we did was hang the super cute wall cards we bought. It took us a long time to figure out how we were going to hang them without spending a million dollars. We finally decided that we would use wire and clips. So after a good half hour in an art supply store (and after several hours of me trying to figure out a system online) we settled on buying eyelets and picture frame wire. We also found some mini clothes pins and cute little frog clips to hang. Morgan did all the hard work from there. He hung the wire, and after a dismal attempt by me at hanging the cards, he hung all the cards. I LOVE how it turned out.

All the cards.
Up close cards.

These are the frog clips we got. They were too expensive to use one for every card (plus it would have been a little overwhelming) so a few of them are randomly mixed in along the wall.
Next we hung two Dr. Seuss pictures that my mom gave to us. She purchased them awhile ago to hang in one of our rooms. The are kinda vintage which Morgan and I really liked. They are now hanging above where the dresser/changing table will eventually be.

Speaking of a dresser/changing table we are still trying to figure out exactly what we want to use. We know that we want to have a dresser since we need the extra storage. Hopefully we will figure it out soon because the clothes are piling up where the dresser will eventually be.

Baby clothes! I did finally separate them by size, but they still all need to be washed.

The last thing we did was buy/put together a small shelf for toys and books. Then we put the tree decal we bought on the wall above the shelf. I think the tree turned out cuter than I thought it would. It was also much easier to put up than I thought it would be.

Tree with no leaves.

Tree with leaves, and the shelf all set up.

Tree without the crazy light on.
The shelf.
Well I think that's about it. It feels really good to have it all done. And I look forward to finishing it, and enjoying it with Henry. Oh, and in case you were wondering...the dogs still think the room is for them!


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