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January 17, 2011

New Name - New Look

"The Kavanaugh Report: Law School Edition" is no more. We are now officially just "The Kavanaugh Report." This change has been a long time coming. Morgan and I have discussed this for awhile now, and we have decided it really doesn't make sense to continue to be "Law School Edition." We have been out of law school for 8 months and as painful (or not - depends on the day you ask) as it might be its time to move on. I guess this is probably one of the final steps of purging law school from our lives and living as real contributing members of society. For some reason this seems difficult for me, and I'm feeling nostalgic about law school today. Maybe its because we went to William Mitchell College of Law's winter graduation ceremony this past weekend (and a big CONGRATULATIONS shout out to all my friends who graduated - particularly Kara and Mitch!) or maybe its a desire for more intellectual stimulation, or maybe its just pregnancy hormones. I'm not sure. But for some reason changing "The Kavanaugh Report: Law School Edition" makes law school really seem over. But its a step in the right direction, maybe soon I'll finally getting around to framing and hanging my diplomas. We'll see. We might have another "edition" but for now Morgan and I are unsure what direction to go in. So we will stick simply with "The Kavanaugh Report."

Also, those of you that actually read the blog by visiting it, as opposed to those of you who subscribe via an RSS feed or Google reader, will notice that I changed the blog. I was just bored by the other format and thought I would switch it up! Enjoy!

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