Peeps Season

Peep Season has official begun! I define Peeps season from Easter until I've eaten all the Peeps I've purchased. So we are smack in the middle of Peeps season now, and I'm loving it!

I know that some people really don't like peeps, but I do!  I LOVE them. According to the Peeps Official website:  enough Peeps are sold each year to cover the Earth twice. So, I can't be only one that likes them. But I really only like the Easter ones, not the fake ones that they make for all the other random holidays (although I'll still eat the other ones cause I love all sugar). There is just something about little sugar covered marshmallow birds and bunnies that I crave.

However, I don't like them right our of the package. I like them when they are what I call "ripe." Ripe basically equals stale. As soon as I get peeps I open the package, so they can ripen. Once they are good and hard (but not too hard - its a fine balance) I can enjoy them! I recommend that everyone try peeps like this, they are simply amazing. (This method is also recommended by the Peeps Website). The Peeps website also recommends freezing them, which I might just have to try!

Happy Peeps Season Everyone, Enjoy!

Perfectly ripe Peeps!
Thanks to my Mom we are fully stocked up for Peeps Season.


  1. Adam likes a good 'ripe' peep as well.... yuck. His mom actually puts a slit in the packaging before sending him some for easter.


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