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I'm Nicole the writer, parent educator, and {most importantly} mom behind the The Kavanaugh Report. And, I'm here to stand up into the mic and say I love Montessori! My life's passion is to share Montessori with you. In 2009, I started this little blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Since that time, the Kavanaugh Report has grown into a trusted resource of families worldwide on their own Montessori journeys. I invite you to come along with me and my family and feel to the M O N T E S S O R I  J O Y !

Meet Nicole + Family

I'm Nicole, Montessori mama and parent educator. Since 2012, I've shared my family's Montessori journey here on The Kavanaugh Report. I didn't start out as an expert, or after years of formal training. I started as a mom to a colicy and high-needs baby, looking for answers on how to best support my child's needs. And, the more we implemented the method in our home, the easier parenting felt. The more our child made sense. The more our environment felt like it worked for us.

This wasn't an overnight process. For years, I read everything I could about Montessori. We slowly changed the way our home looked, the types of toys we bought, and how we approached child development. I spent every free hour I had reading Montessori's own words, talking with teachers, parents, and anyone who would listen about Montessori.

As my love and deep interest in Montessori grew, so did our family. I have five children - Henry, Nora, Augustus (Gus), Theodore (Teddy), and Penelope.


I've had the privilege of working with some amazing creators in the parenting community throughout my time in this Montessori space. Here are some collaborations:

As a mother of five free time is rare but in addition to Montessori, I love to spend time at museums, read books, and take hot baths. In warmer months, I enjoy planting and working in my garden. You can often find me watching reruns of The Office and Futurama, listening to a podcast, or cuddling with my babies and two little dogs.


While The Kavanaugh Report started out as a personal way to share stories from our Montessori life, it has changed into so much more than that. My goal is give parents a concrete example of how Montessori at home looks in a real home. I am committed to always sharing our authentic experience - both the good and the challenging. The stories, ideas, and products that I share are meant to inspire. Take from these stories what feels best for your family and life situation. Through this work, I've gotten to personally work with hundreds of families and it is such great joy to see all of you incorporate Montessori into your homes. Whether it has been through my online Montessori courses, membership community, personal consultations, book clubs, or simply chatting on Instagram, I cherish the opportunity to help you take Montessori home in a practical, concrete real way. I am committed to providing you real life Montessori examples, advice and information at an affordable price


I am not a Montessori teacher or guide. I'm a Montessori parent with 10+ years of experience in bringing Montessori to actual parents. Additionally, I am trained in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 1 - a Montessori based religious education program - and have led an atrium since 2014. In 2021, I completed the Resources for Infant Educarers®️ (RIE) foundations training. I sit on the board of directors for the Minnesota Montessori Network. Additionally, I have a BA in History and Juris Doctorate.

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