Montessori Newborns

Congratulations on your new baby! Welcoming a newborn is a time of great joy and transition for any family. Incorporating Montessori from birth can be a wonderful way to help your baby adjust to the world around them! The following posts may be helpful as you navigate these early days with your new Montessori baby.

Montessori From Birth - The Adult's Role

Browse these articles for helpful information about how to shift your mindset toward Montessori parenting with your newborn. From tips on how to shift your communication and caregiving style to a look at how Montessori newborns might be treated, these articles can help you prepare to raise your baby with Montessori. 

The Environment

Montessori homes can look and feel different than traditional baby spaces. Here are articles to help prepare your space for your Montessori baby from birth including the play space (movement area), nursery, and more. 

The Magic of the Topponcino

Montessori Activities for Newborns

While most of the newborn's work is just to adjust and bond, there are specific Montessori activities that can begin at birth! Here's a look at some ways to enrich your newborn's day with Montessori from the start.