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February 08, 2021

Shelf Help Ep. 41 - Montessori and Breastfeeding

In this week's episode, Nicole and Amy address breastfeeding and weaning. From those early newborn days through toddlerhood, Montessori parents can enjoy a breastfeeding relationship with their children. We discuss how to create an environment to support that relationship, and how to respectfully stop nursing when the time comes. 

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Show Notes...

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In this Montessori parenting podcast we address breastfeeding and weaning. Enjoy some advice on how to create an environment that supports breastfeed


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TJ Dixon
TJ Dixon said…
So glad I stumbled on this podcast today! Just what I needed to hear. I would like to learn more about night weaning. My baby is 15 months old and still VERY interested in breastfeeding. I don't mind nursing him during the day but I'm at a point when I want to decrease his feedings at night. We currently bed share and I would love for him to start sleeping in his own room, which he has never done before. It was fairly easy to transition my first 2 babies to sleep on their own but not so much with this one. Do you have a podcast or suggestions or resources I can learn about?
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I would suggest looking into the Dr. Jay Gordon night weaning method