Tot School Colors -- Posts and Resources

Welcome to the tot school colors page! Here you can find all of our color theme weeks. Each of these weeks was completed with Henry between 13 and 18 months.

These were ideas that we used prior to the start of our Montessori journey. However, many of these ideas are Montessori friendly. Keep in mind that at these ages, children are only using the tray for a moment or two. 

Red / Orange / Yellow 

Green / Blue / Purple / Pink

Grey / Rainbow


Since starting our Montessori journey, I take a much more relaxed approach to teaching colors. In general, toddlers in a Montessori environment would learn colors more naturally through experience with language and objects in the home or classroom. This doesn't mean that you can't do trays, sensory baskets or other color-themed work, it just means that they aren't in any way required! Here are some fun Montessori inspired ways to introduce the idea of colors to babies and young toddlers -- 

I hope you have found some fun color-themed ideas for young toddlers here! For more Montessori Inspired ideas, see my Montessori Baby Activities Pinterest Board or my Montessori Toddler Pinterest Board