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April 24, 2024

Montessori Toddler Bedroom at 2-Years-Old

Montessori toddler spaces really can look so many different ways to match the ascetics of the family. They can be colorful or more plain, small or large, focused only on kids or shared with adults. Every family will find their unique take on how to make their space work for their children. But, with that in mind Montessori toddler rooms do have some similarities. They should be accessible to the children, allow for independent work, be orderly, and include elements of beauty. 

It's with these principles in mind that we have created our 2-year-old's Montessori toddler bedroom. We want a space where she feels in command, able to make choices about her activity and do so independently. But, we also want a space that feels restful enough for sleep with enough activity for her as she drops her nap and transitions to quiet time

Montessori Bedroom for Toddlers

To make the bedroom space accessible and independent we have a few different elements. First we have her floor bed so she can get in and out of bed on her own. She has slept in this since she was a newborn so it's very familiar to her. (Pillow and blanket added only in toddlerhood.) Then, we have her accessible wardrobe. This allows her to pick her own clothes and help to put away her laundry. 

Montessori toddler floor bed - we've loved this for years
Montessori toddler accessible wardrobe - a super easy DIY
Wooden chair - small chair is helpful for dressing 

In addition to these more practical features, Penelope's room also includes some pretend play features that allow for quiet play. I don't want something too engaging that will keep her awake but I also want something that will keep her occupied for long periods of time. I love the Waldorf playstand for this, it just can be used for so many different types of play and will grow with her for years and years. 

Waldorf playstands in our Montessori toddler bedroom - love these so much, beautiful and played with daily
Wooden baby doll cradle - also a very popular toy
Simple doll stroller - perfect for 2-year-olds 

Some simple toys round out the choices we have made for our 2-year-olds Montessori bedroom. I love that these can all sit on the playstand but be used for a variety of play. These toys are rotated depending on her interests but I try to keep them simple (nothing new or challenging that would keep her awake) and open ended (can be used for lots of play.) Right now her favorites include

Minikane baby doll 

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