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March 11, 2024

Montessori Friendly Easter Baskets 2024

I love putting together a simple, sweet Easter basket for my kids each spring. While Easter is mainly a religious holiday in our Montessori home, we do celebrate with some simple gifts and treats each year. There is so much pressure now to create these giant baskets filled with so many things. Instead I try to pick a few quality choices that my kids will each love and something practical for the spring/summer. 

Just a reminder that these are choices based on my own children's preferences and to follow your own children when making decisions. One note about this list this year, I have decided that gift lists will not include my children once they reach the third plane of development (12+) so my oldest is not included. 

Here's what will be in my kids' baskets this year.

Easter Basket for Montessori Toddler 

Penelope will be 25-months-old this year at Easter. She loves baby dolls, small objects, and being fancy so her Easter basket this year will include: 

Easter Basket for Montessori Preschooler 

Ted is 4.5-years-old at Easter this year. He loves pretend play, learning toys, and (the not as Montessori friendly) Star Wars. His Easter basket includes: 

Easter Basket for Montessori Lower Elementary

Gus is 7-years-old at Easter this year. He still loves handcrafts and building toys. His Easter basket will include: 

Easter Basket for Montessori Upper Elementary

Nora is 9-years-old. She loves pretend play, making music, and creating art. This is her basket this year: 

This year I'm doing these beach towels for our "Easter grass." I think it will be a fun but practical addition to the baskets since we desperately need some new ones. I will also buy chalk, bubbles, and a couple candy treats to round out the baskets! 

Get all the knowledge you need to create a Montessori-approved Easter basket! Here are some realistic Easter basket ideas for real life Montessori families. Simple choices that wont break the bank but are sure to leave your kids happy this Easter.

I hope you find some inspiration here. If you need more ideas for Montessori Friendly Easter Baskets, check out my post Easter Baskets for Montessori Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers Updated 2023 |  Our Easter Baskets 2018 | Easter Basket Ideas 2020 | Our Easter Baskets 2021 | Our Easter Baskets 2022 | Our Easter Baskets 2023

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Anonymous said…
Lindísima!!! A mi hija Leonela Lucia de 3 años les gusta los colores, los números, las plastilinas, los animales , colorear y un chocolate 🍫 jaja