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March 08, 2024

What Activities are IN today in our Montessori Home?

I live for all the different ways my children show up in this world. They are just so cool and doing so many interesting and amazing things. And, I bet your kids are too! I think that's one of my favorite shifts that I've made as a Montessori parent - seeing children as whole humans right from the start. These are not empty shells for us to fill, but flowers we get to watch open. 

And no matter how many children I have, it is just so amazing the number of different things that peak their mind. They are all so vastly different and it is so challenging and intriguing trying to meet all their needs at once. And, in our family with our wide variety of kids, it feels like we really get to experience so many different things all at once. I thought I would just share a glimpse at what's in today for my kids and why I love it! 

Montessori Kids at Home - What are they Using?

I'll take this in age order from youngest to oldest. Just a reminder that I no longer share specifics about my oldest child, but he's here too and about to become a teen!


Penelope is 25-months-old right now! And, what's in for her? 

What's In: Doctor Kit

Why I Love It: It's been a season of sickness and injury over here. And, Penelope has been taken to her fair share of doctor appointments this winter. This pretend play kit is really helping her understand and process those experiences. I love how simple, yet engaging the kit is. We add to our Montessori shelves in a simple basket. 


Ted is 4.5-years-old right now. What's in for him? 

Why I Love It: Of course I love any interest in a traditional Montessori material! I love seeing him make connections with the letters sounds and symbols and I know these are the first steps in really making progress toward reading. I also really enjoy that these are often something we can use for games to connect together. 

Lower Elementary

Gus is 7-years-old right now. What's he into right now?

What's In: Sawing Block 

Why I Love It: Gus has always been a kid that loves crafting work. For this kind of work, I love that it involves a little risk, some maximum effort, and a lot of planning. It really pulls together so many skills as he is gathering and creating things from his head in real life. 

Upper Elementary

Nora is 9-years-old at the moment. Here's what's in right now:

What's In: Needle Felting

Why I Love It: Well, Nora recently seriously injured one of her legs and can't move around without crutches, so this has been the perfect engaging yet sitting activity for her. While she has loved this since before the injury, needle felting really is something that she can concentrate on for long stretches of time and really exercise a lot of creative control. 

The kids obviously have a lot of interests beyond the one thing listed here, but these materials are those that have been reached for over and over again in the last couple of weeks! 

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