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March 17, 2023

Montessori Friendly Easter Baskets 2023

This five kids and holidays thing really makes me feel like I'm falling behind each year! But, with a couple weeks left before Easter, I'm finally putting together all of the things I'll be putting in our Montessori friendly Easter baskets this year. 

A collage of Easter basket fillers for Montessori kids

Like I've said before, Easter is mostly a religious holiday for us. We celebrate with baskets to share our joy in the day, but we don't do huge amounts of things. We want a little excitement for the gift that is Easter but mostly we are focused on our religious celebration. 

Here's what I decided to go with this year in our Montessori kids' Easter baskets: 

Easter Basket for Young Toddler/Older Baby 

Penelope will be 14-months-old at Easter. We are keeping her basket nice and simple since she really doesn't know what's going on. 

A collage of Montessori friendly Easter basket ideas for older babies or young toddlers

Easter Basket for Older Toddler/Young Preschooler

Teddy will be 3.5-years-old at Easter this year. He still loves trucks so that is his big gift this year. 

Easter Basket for Kindergarten

Gus is 6-years-old this year. He still loves all things fiber arts and cozy. This year his basket will include: 

A collage of Easter gifts for Montessori kindergartener

Easter Basket for Lower Elementary

Nora is 8-years-old this year. She loves creative play and art. Here's what's in her basket this year: 

A collage of Easter basket fillers for Montessori lower elementary kids.

Easter Basket for Upper Elementary

Henry will be 12-years-old at Easter. He's an active preteen, this year his basket includes: 

Montessori upper elementary Easter basket gift ideas

In addition to the things here I will also get some treats to include in their baskets. I might also add some chalk or outdoor art supplies that they will all share this summer. 

A look at Montessori friendly easter basket choices for babies through elementary aged kids. These simple easter baskets are sure to be popular.

I hope you find some inspiration here. If you need more ideas for Montessori Friendly Easter Baskets, check out my post Easter Baskets for Montessori Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers Updated 2023 |  Our Easter Baskets 2018 | Easter Basket Ideas 2020 | Our Easter Baskets 2021 | Our Easter Baskets 2022


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