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February 26, 2024

Make an Easter Basket for Your Montessori Baby

Celebrating holidays with your baby can be so fun and exciting. I've really enjoyed creating traditions around holidays and seeing the festivities through the eyes of my new babies. As a Montessori family, we want to include even our littlest members in the celebrations with some simple gifts when appropriate. For Easter, this includes a small basket of gifts, just like my older kids get. 

It can sometimes be difficult to find just the right things to mark the holiday that will be enjoyed by your baby here and now. So, I wanted to create a few curated options for you if you're looking to create a Montessori friendly Easter basket for your baby.

Montessori Friendly Easter Baskets for Babies by Age

Since babies grow and change so quickly, these Montessori friendly choices are separated by stage. I find age to be less important than developmental readiness, so I've used movement to create these categories. Remember to follow your own child and use these lists as inspiration in creating the perfect Easter basket for your baby.


This is the perfect Easter basket for the tiniest babies! 

Woven Basket with Higher Sides: Love this one because when you're done it can double as a practical basket for diapers, toys, baby bibs, or whatever you need it to be. 
Soft Rainbow Play Silk: Forget disposable Easter grass and use a play silk instead, this will provide so much fun in months to come. I love the soft but cheery spring colors of this one.
High Contrast Cards: So much visual interest for brand new babies and such sweet images of baby animals, perfect for spring. 
Wooden Rings: Lightweight, yet durable these wooden rings are a great first toy. Plus as your baby gets older you can use for so many things - from making a tactile mobile to stacking toys.
Treat for Yourself: Add a fun edible treat for yourself, you deserve it with a brand new baby!

Explorer Babies

Explorer babies are babies that are starting to more actively explore their environment through early movement. This includes reaching, rolling, creeping, and sitting.

Low Side Woven Basket: Look for a basket you can repurpose! This kind is the perfect size to pop on the floor and use to organize baby's toys. They can easily reach into basket from tummy, or from sitting. 
Spring Green Play Silk: A traditional grass look without the waste! Again, a play silk will be used for ages with your baby, toddler and even into the elementary years.
Rabbit Teether: Seasonal and cute, this is perfect for mouthing, reaching moving babies. You could even hang as a mobile for babies on the younger end of this category!
Spring Touch and Feel Book: Touch and feel books are great for baby's language and exploring sense of touch.
Tobble Tones Wobble Toy: Such a fun toy that encourages movement and has a sweet sound.

Moving Babies

These are older babies that are actively moving and exploring. Maybe crawling, cruising, or even walking, these babies are on the move and ready for more!

Basket with Handle: This basket is great for older babies because they can start to drag and haul it. Even as they move into toddlerhood and need maximum effort opportunities a basket with a handle will be well loved. 
Play Silk in Favorite Color: Babies can start to show preference by this age and if yours is, buy something that meets their individual personality and interests! 
Whirly Squigz: A wonderful flower-like toy that spins and sticks. Babies love to reach to spin, pull off a surface, or just watch them twirl. 
Rabbit Push Toy: So cute and seasonal and the perfect toy to push and haul as older babies move all about.
Spring Theme Egg Shakers: shake and roll these are perfect for so much movement! Plus hide these around the house instead of traditional eggs for the egg hunt!
Baby Animals Book: A sweet spring like topic, but a nice size and shape for babies with simple text that will be enjoyed well into toddlerhood

These are just examples, make sure to make your Easter basket relevant to your baby, your budget, and your cultural traditions. If you need more Montessori friendly easter basket ideas --> Easter Baskets for Montessori Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Having trouble figuring out what to put in your baby's first Easter basket? Look no further! As a Montessori family, we have some unique and thoughtful ideas for your baby's Easter celebration. It's all about developmental readiness, not just age. Discover curated suggestions for newborns, explorer babies, and moving babies.

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