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November 02, 2023

Montessori Friendly Small Shop Finds 2023

There are some truly unique small shops selling Montessori friendly toys, games, books, and materials. And, I love sharing these small shop finds with you and ordering a few things for my own kids too! Small shops support real people and families around the world, and spread so much joy. I wanted to take some time to share a few of my favorite finds from 2023. There's a little here for everyone. 

Montessori Friendly Toys and Gifts to Love from Small Shops

These items are things that caught my eye, or are from shops that I love. This list is just a taste of the great small shop offerings that exist today. I know there are many others with great options. If you have a shop you love, leave it in the comments for people to check out!

For The Home

Montessori friendly small shop finds for the home: 

Brick Sorter: I love this for organizing and for play
Storage Bookcase: What a great use of space
Magnetic Wall Decal: Vertical play and art opportunities
My Pouring Work Coffee Mug: just plain hilarious for a Montessori adult
Wooden Weekly Planner: Such a nice way to get everyone on the same page
Bliss Bags: Love a good organization and accessible bag


For the littlest little humans, here are some small shop gift ideas: 

Wooden Baby Shakers: these look so beautiful and simple 
Dolio Rattle: these kinds of rattles are so hard to find
Wooden Sensory Blocks: I love the different textures represented here
Rainbow Tumbler: I love these wobbly toys and this one is so beautiful 
Platform and Ramp: the BEST gross motor toy for babies we've tried 
Essential Montessori Bundle: All the classics in one bundle! Code Nickav10 gets you 10% off here!


Here are some of my favorite toddler friendly small shop finds:
Wunderkidd Books: love a good realistic book about everyday situations 
Waldorf Inspired Dolls: such beautiful soft dolls to last through childhood
Wooden Pattern Block: lovely horizontal twist to pattern work
Open and Closing Trees: how much fun would toddlers have opening and closing these!?
Stak Tower: such a unique stacking opportunity
Hello Toddler Magazine: so sweet, simple activities, poems and stories in periodical form


There are so many great preschool options, but here are some favorites: 

Mini Wood Gem Spinners: I bought one and these are fascinating, beautiful, and sooo engaging 
Acrylic Gem House Blocks: these are so dreamy and I would love to add to our block collection
Stencil Kit: love the unique shapes this set includes
Counting Work: perfect simple counting work for the number obsessed
Find and Seek Playsilks: wonderful small world and block play backgrounds with a twist!
Color Sorting Quilt and Bean Bags: so many opportunities for play and learning with this one


Even for elementary, second plane of development, kids there are tons of small shop options: 

Gelli Printing Paint Kits: such a unique art medium
Matchstick Mosaics: this tiny size would be so attractive to my second plane children
Pocket Writing Tablet: my kids would love this for the car or just taking around
Shrink It Art Kits: again, make it tiny and my elementary kids are in!
Grow Up Game: this looks so fun and unique
Wire Art Kit: I love all these Kiwi Co STEM kits for elementary ages 

I hope you found. something inspiring on this list and shop small for a few things this holiday season! Again, remember there are so many other great shops that could have been added to this list, these are just a few things that really caught my eye this year. 


There are so many amazing Montessori friendly small shop options. Here are some great Montessori friendly options for everyone from babies and toddlers to elementary and the home! There's something for everyone on this list!

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