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Montessori Friendly Small Shop Gift Guide

We really live in such an amazing world. Even compared to a few years ago, there are so many amazing Montessori small shops out there. So many are producing or carrying high quality Montessori friendly toys, games, and materials. In this unique year, I wanted to make sure to highlight some of the shops that inspire me and my children. 

Montessori friendly gift ideas from small shops. These toys are perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
I'm sure there are many more that could be featured here on this list. And, if you know of others that others should know about, please leave a link in the comments! Remember with these shops, it's important to shop early if you want to receive your materials before the holidays. 

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you.

For the Home

1. Floor Cushion - these look so cozy for reading, cuddling and playing! 

2. Montessori Activity Trays - these are so great for setting up work for your home. 

3. Wooden Art Organizers - These are so lovely and a great way to promote order in your space. 

4. Wooden Utensil Tray - I have waited so long to find something like this! Perfect for sorting my children's utensils. 

5. Montessori Placemat - I love these for meal times for kids of all ages!

6. Large Movement Mat - Not going to lie, if we have another baby this will be on my list. I am obsessed with it!


1. Topponcino - if you have been around awhile, then you know this goes on my must-have baby list! 

2. Simple Stacker - I love the look of this simple stacker for an older baby or younger toddler. 

3. Sensory Baby Paper - Teddy was obsessed with this. It's like classic crinkly baby paper meets soft sensory cuddly. Love. 

4. Tactile Mobiles (Bell and Ring on Ribbons) - These are my hands down favorite mobiles we own, they were so fun and the rainbow ribbon is just so beautiful. They are a must have for Montessori babies. (Use Code Nickav10 for extra sale at Essential Montessori.)  

5. Bell Rattle - a Montessori classic, and one of Teddy's absolute favorites

6. Interlocking Wooden Rings - Teddy loved the metal version of this (which is super hard to find now) and this looks like a great alternative! 

7. Spinning Drum - A small shop option for a Montessori classic! (Use code FFM10 for 10% off at French Family Workshop)


1. Faces Board Book - Here's another one Teddy is getting! All of my kids have gotten one of these and I just LOVE them. 

2. Depth Perception Board - I have loved this toy for a long time, I'm so happy to have found a source for it now. This would be so fun for a toddler! 

3. Vertical Ring Drop - Teddy is also getting this one for Christmas, I can't wait to play with it myself!

4. Sorting Tower - This one is similar to the popular (but discontinued) version from a major retailer, this is perfect for a toddler. We have the other version and I wish we had this gorgeous one! 

5. Ring Slide - Another classic, I'm so happy to find a small shop source for this!

6. Transferring Set - older toddlers (or even preschoolers) love to transfer. I love how easy this set makes it to set it up. 

7. Pom-Pom Push - Teddy is getting this for Christmas! I know he's going to love this one. 


1. All of Us Crayons - Lovely beeswax crayons representing the beautiful diversity of our world. These would make a great stocking stuffer too. 

2. Wooden Play Houses - I love these little houses as an addition to open ended play. 

3. Wooden Magnifying Glass - We own this one and my big kids love it. It's the perfect size to pop into a bag and take on adventures. This would make a great stocking stuffer. 

4. Wooden Play Hoop - My kids recently got one of these, and they are obsessed! It's been used for forts, for rolling, for tossing, for spinning. Incredible open ended possibilities. (Use NICOK10 for 10% off at Sarah's Silks.) 

5. Natural Wood Slices - these look so fun for open ended play. Nora would be SO into these.

6. Lucite Cubes - These little colorful cubes are going in my big kids' stockings as a fun way to expand their open ended play.

7. 10 Frame Counting Toy - This is on Gus' list this year, I love it for new counters! 

8. Waterproof Apron - We absolutely love this apron and it's been so perfect for preschool art! 

9. Silk Costume Skirt - This is on Nora's list for Christmas. Literally so dreamy. 

Montessori friendly gift ideas from small shops. These toys are perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.
I hope you enjoyed some of these finds! 


Unknown said…
Thank you! I love this list. Trying so hard this year to support small businesses but that can be tricky finding Montessori materials.

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