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August 15, 2022

A 3-Year-Old Birthday Gift List

I can't believe it, my tiny baby Teddy is less than a month away from being three-years-old! Time really does fly by in the blink of an eye, especially with your fourth baby. Teddy is such a wonderful little passionate toddler, both serious and funny. He is extremely confident and just says what he wants and needs. He will let you know if he likes something or not by saying he "loves it" or "hates it." There's no in between for him. 

We personally tend to keep birthdays really simple, picking 2 or 3 things to give. Generally our kids get one parent present and one present from their siblings. Teddy's birthday will be similar, but we still make a list to choose from and to pass on to any family members that might want to see it. 

Montessori Toddler: 3-Year-Old Birthday List

Remember that my choices here are based on Teddy's interests (trucks/vehicles and gross motor play) and my own observations about what he might be ready for. This will look different for every child, and for every stage. Use this as inspiration, but know that your observations are a great place to start when building your child's own birthday list. 

Here's a look at what's on Teddy's birthday list this year: 

Brio Train Set: Somehow we have zero train toys here! I think he would really enjoy a simple track which would provide a nice fine motor challenge too.
Beginning Sound Dominos: Sound games are right around the corner for Teddy, and I think this would be a fun extension, I only wish these were cursive
Green Toys Recycling Truck: Ted is obsessed with this truck at the library, and I know he would adore it here at home
Guidecraft Building Bricks: I love the scale of these! Teddy is always dumping little bits of stuff to scoop with his trucks, so I think he would have fun here. 
Bouncing River Stone: Teddy jumps off everything lately saying it's his "diving board" so I think an actual bouncing stool would be really fun for him.
Color Changing Ball: I loved the size of this ball, and color changing would be a fun sensory experience
Trucky 3 Logic Game: I love these individual games from this brand. They are self correcting which is an even bigger Montessori bonus.
Sit on Digger: Ted will LOVE to be a construction worker and scoop up all the dirt/mulch/rocks in our yard.
Radio Flyer Tricycle: Our 11-year-old trike recently broke beyond repair and Teddy was sad to lose it. This looks like a great size for him as he works towards riding a bike. 
Magnetic Truck Game: I loved that this could be open ended or more directed with the cards. Looks like a fun puzzle game. 

At this point we have bought the Sit on Digger for him so he is definitely getting that. For his second present, I'm leaning toward the little bricks, or the recycling truck, but haven't completely decided. 

What is your 3-year-old interested in? Or what is on your 2-year-old's upcoming birthday list?

A look at our Montessori toddler's 3-year-old birthday list made from our own observations and his specific interests


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