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August 12, 2022

3 Options for Baby Safe Books

I love to read to my babies. Reading to Penelope has been an important part of our daily routine. Although being a fifth baby, often she is listening to books meant for one of her older siblings. But, I do try to make time to read books meant for babies. Either way,  I hope we are instilling a love of reading with her early and that those feelings will stick with her for life.

Typically when I think of books for babies, I think of board books. But, they aren't perfect. With enough chewing and pulling board books will fall apart. While this typically isn't a huge problem, I like having a few options on hand that I can give to Penelope and not have to watch her super closely. 

Three Baby Safe Book Options - Fabric, Wood, and Indestructibles 

Enter three other types of books for babies - indestructibles, fabric, and wood. Penelope can eat, smoosh, throw, pull, and explore each of these books completely safely. I don't have to be worried that she will destroy or choke on these. That said, each has some things that I love and some downsides. We use a combination here and I thought I would share a little more about each - why I love them and some of what I don't. 

Fabric Books

I love the sensory aspects that many fabric books incorporate. They are also lightweight and really baby friendly. They also come in a large variety of styles and price points. The downsides for me is that while they are books, generally they aren't designed as much for reading as for looking at. 

Here are some fun looking fabric options: Haba Ocean | High Contrast | Manhattan Toy | Nature | Haba Farm | Cloud Island

*Ours is a really old fabric book from IKEA. 

Wood Books 

Another baby safe option is wood. This is a popular choice in Montessori childcare settings for small children since they can easily be wiped down between uses. I love how sturdy they are, and love that they can stand up on their own (fun for tummy time!) But, they are heavy and much harder for younger babies to explore. Penelope has definitely dropped hers on her face and been startled. 

Here are a few wood books that look really cute: Hape | Personalized Family | Animals | Colors | Lovevery


The final option are indestructibles. These books are made from a special paper-like blend that makes it virtually impossible for babies to destroy. They can be really mistreated and still bounce right back. We've had some of ours since Henry was a baby 11 years ago. They come in a large variety of topics/themes and are really pretty. Downsides are minimal here, but I do find the size a little large for young babies. These are by far Penelope's favorite right now. 

Here are some really cute ones: Jungle | City | Mama/Baby | Flutter Fly | Pond | Farm

Does your baby like any of these alternative baby books? 

This post is week 27 of my Montessori baby series focusing on Penelope.

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