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August 16, 2022

Montessori Elementary: Lately at 8

I feel like I say this all the time, but wow, time moves fast when you're a parent. Nora recently turned eight-years-old and is an actual full blown big kid now. After I shared a little "lately" update of Gus at 5, I decided I would do the same thing for my other bigger kids.

Nora is at such a fun age. There is a lot of that small child magic happening where everything is new and exciting and fresh. She wants to be with her family and friends, and is overall just happy. She is solidly in the second plane of development where growth is slow, steady, and stable. (That's not to say we can't see glimpses of the sass independence of spirit that will come in the tween+ years.) 

Like many second plane kids, she has a wide range of interests and can get interested in a lot of topics. She has a huge desire to learn and especially motivated around animals, nature, and insects. She is about to start her culminating year of lower elementary - third grade - and I think it will be so cool to see her in that leadership role. 

Montessori Child at 8-Years-Old

Here are a few things that I want to remember at this moment of eight:

  • Academically: working hard to make gains with reading, eager to return to school after the summer and loves learning, enjoys the addition machine for math fact practice
  • Practical Life: Will only engage if she can be in charge of the entire process. Loves tasks that involve taking care of others - like Penelope or our dogs. Recently learned to swim.
  • Books: obsessed with Harry Potter, just finished entire series. But, also still willing to listen to new picture books if they include a longer (or fantasy based) story.

(making s'mores | loves stuffies | coloring with stockmar crayons | making salad from our garden)

  • Socially: more interested in adult, and older child, social conversations, and situations. Starting to become aware of what other people might think about her and how her actions might effect others. 
  • Games: can tolerate winning and losing. Favorites include The Magic Labyrinth and Dog Bingo 
  • Toys/Play: more private with play than in younger years. Loves open ended play like Grapat, Schliech horses, and active play outside and in nature.

  • Freedom/Independence: wants more freedom sometimes than I'm ready to give. Loves to experiment with hair and clothing choices. Is becoming independent in public interactions - paying for things, ordering off a menu, etc. 
  • Art: loves to draw, color, and paint. Really loves to make things for others - and many Nora art pieces hang throughout the house

I hope you enjoyed this look at 8-years-old in our Montessori home. 

A look at Montessori at home in the second plane of development at 8-years-old. Activities, interest and freedoms that our third grader enjoys.


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