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Montessori Friendly Books that Celebrate Rain

I feel like Ive had a very complicated relationship to weather my entire life. I feel like I've been told either directly or indirectly that unless it's sunny and warm, you don't go play outside. Rainy days are for inside play.  We sung "rain, rain go away!" Cold weather is a no. 

It's taken a long time to try and unlearn these views and to see all weather as valuable and fun. I've been working hard at instilling those same values with my kids from the start. We don't have bad weather, we have different weather. And each of those weathers have different ways to prepare for being outside. 

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As we move into Spring and our rainy seasons here in Minnesota, I wanted to share some Montessori friendly books that celebrate rain in all its beautiful forms. These books are not limited to Spring rains, but rain in all seasons and a variety of settings. They avoid disparaging language about rain and look to it as an exciting opportunity for exploration and play. 

Beyond just reading about people enjoying rain, I encourage you to get out and enjoy it too! Grab your rain boots, grab some umbrellas or rain gear and get outside. Treat rainy days the way you treat any other kind of weather - the perfect weather to get outside and explore.

Next time it rains, I hope you go out and enjoy it! And, I hope we can raise a generation of children who play outside no matter the weather. 

Do you have a favorite book that celebrates rain?!

Montessori friendly books that celebrate rainy weather for toddlers and young children. These books help remind you of the beauty of getting outside



katherine said…
Same here - I’ve had to unlearn that rainy weather = inside weather. Unless there are severe storms, rainy weather can certainly be something to be enjoyed outside! Or at the very least, something to be enjoyed after it’s done - puddles, rainbows, the bugs and insects that come out after - it’s all delightful.

My local bookstore featured this new release on Instagram this week and it looks so lovely - I plan to check it out soon!
Hello, Rain!
katherine said…
Hello, Rain! by Kyo Maclear
Ines said…
yes! There's no such thing as bad weather.... One book we also like is Gerda Muller's 'Where do they go when it rains'.

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