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April 14, 2021

Montessori Toddler Play Shelves 16 to 17-months

At 16 to 17 months, Teddy was still not super into using the materials on his shelves. He would spend a few minutes, a few times a day choosing a few things off of his shelves. While absolutely every toddler is different, I do think it is interesting to see what they enjoy. Heres a quick look at the toys that were on Teddy's play shelves from 16-months to 17-ish months. 

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From left to right, top to bottom: 
  1. Silicone Rainbow* - a huge hit, this has been on the shelves for many months 
  2. Haba Pegging Toy - Gus liked this a lot more, but it will make another appearance soon 
  3. Lakeshore Learning Tower* (similar) - this exact toy is retired, but it's been a good challenge for Teddy
  4. Horizontal Ring Slide - too challenging for Teddy and always ends in a screaming fit 
  5. Balls on Pegs* - Teddy's favorite toy
  6. PlanToys Stacking Tree* - a fun challenge, he stacks randomly at this point 
  7. Monti Kids Peg Drop* (similar) - Teddy's second favorite choice
  8. Box with Bins - Teddy liked this a bit more when he was younger, this was packed away for good
  9. Open and Close basket* - Just some random containers to open and close
  10. Large Knobbed Puzzle (similar) - Teddy wasn't ready for this quite yet and got too frustrated by it
*are materials that have stayed on Teddy's shelves as he has gotten older 

And, that's it. This isn't every single material he used at this time I'm sure. But this is the bulk of his work during these months. But, again, at this age, a lot of his day was spent running around, exploring outside, and engaging in practical life activities. 

If you want more ideas for this age, here's a look at Nora's shelves and Gus' shelves from around the same age! 

What did/does your 16-17 month old enjoy doing?

Montessori friendly toy ideas and a look at our play shelves for 16 to 17 months. These are perfect Montessori play ideas for 1-year-olds.

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