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Montessori Friendly Gift Ideas from 6 to 10

In Montessori, the ages of 6 to 12 are called the second plane of development. The second plane brings a whole new world of exploration to the child. They are no longer focused on just the realities of the world around them, but they are interested in figuring out their place in this big world. This is the time when creativity sores, and when an interest in fantasy and imagination take off. Their social group becomes more important, as does their sense of community. 

Montessori friendly gift ideas for ages 6 to 10!

All of these changes mean that children are interested in very different materials than they were from birth to 6. Gone are the cutesy little puzzles and stackers. Instead, these children crave open ended materials in which to explore, and create. They are ready to deeply explore personal interests, and what is interesting to one child, may not be at all interesting to the next. For these reasons, I can't give you a list of materials that every 6 to 10 year old will love. You will need to follow your own child's interests. 

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Still, you'll want to keep basic Montessori ideas in mind! You'll want to offer high quality materials, materials that focus on real skills where necessary, and you'll want to respect your child's own pace, interests, and ability. Here are some Montessori Friendly gift ideas for 6 to 10 that can help to spark ideas for your own child! 

Games and Puzzles

Jumbo Bananagrams
3D Earth Puzzle
Glüx Board Game -- on Henry's list for 2017!
Carcassonne Board Game
Monopoly | Trouble | Sorry! | Guess Who?
Solar System Jigsaw  {300} | Dinosaur Jigsaw | World Landmarks
Race to the Treasure
Outfoxed! -- a favorite here (could be played a bit younger too)
Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game
Stone Soup Game
Prime Club Game
Clumsy Thief Game


Code and Go Robot Mouse
Wonder Workshop Dash Robot
Solar System Model Mobile
Atom Model Mobile
Weight Set
Snap Circuits Basic Starter Kit | Snap Circuits Light Discovery | Snap Circuits Sound
littleBits Electronic Kit
Frog Anatomy Model | Mini Human Heart Model |
Large Human Anatomy Model -- I want this one for me!
Human Skeleton Model
Large Human Anatomy Magnets | Large Solar System Magnet
Beaker Set | Chemistry Flask | Graduated Cylinder Set
Tool Kit
Kitchen Scale
Liquid Scale
Fractions Cube Set | Fraction Game
Petri Dish Set

Electronics and Appliances 

Sewing Machine
Stop Motion Animation Kit
Digital Microscope
Camera | Instamax Camera
iPod Nano -- seriously considering for Henry, for music and podcasts!
Kindle Paperwhite

Dramatic Play and Building Toys

K'NEX Builders
Lego -- the most used toy by Henry in our home!
Fort Clips
Playmobil Farm | Playmobil Rocket | Playmobil Children's Hospital
HABA Wooden Marble Run | Hape Wooden Marble Run
Rokenbok Builders
Geomag Builders
DaVinci Bridge Builders
Small Grimms Stair Blocks

Montessori friendly gift ideas for ages 6 to 10!

Books and Language

Stitch Camp Project Book
National Audubon Society Field Guides -- these come in a bunch of different subjects!
Farm Anatomy | Nature Anatomy | Food Anatomy
Nature Walk Journal
Children's Dictionary
Wreck This Journal

Gross Motor

Platform Swing
Hammock Swing -- so pretty!
Gorilla Gym

Art Supplies

Large Loom
Knitting Doll
Primary Journals
Mini Blank Books
Washi Tape -- We go through so much washi tape for projects here!
Watercolors | Beeswax Stick Crayons | Color Pencils
Clay | Clay Tools
Woodworking Tools
Sewing Kit

Keep in mind that these are just examples, and the exact age range will vary. Also note, that this is way way more than an one child would need. Pick and choose gifts that work for your child his or her interests! 

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Anonymous said…
What a great list! Thank you so much! I am looking for a a desk for my six year old daughter - preferably something with drawers. Do you have any recommendations?

Unknown said…
This is very informative guideline. These types of knife is very suitable for kids because it made by plastic and it is very safe.

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