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February 14, 2017

Toddler Butterfly Theme for Spring

We have officially entered the part of winter where I can do nothing but wish for spring to come. For many of you, spring probably is right around the corner, not so much for us. But, we can dream away our cold days with butterflies. 

In the depths of the winter grey, butterflies are a welcome burst of color! A couple of beautiful trays are the perfect way to introduce these wonderful insects to Nora. 

First, picture to picture matching! I made these simple cards from stickers that I found at Target. I simply placed the stickers on paper, laminated them, and cut around. Easy! Nora always loves this work. 

The second tray is a wonderful little matching work by Eltern Vom Mars. These lovely images of real butterflies are cut in half and matched. This was a really interesting challenge for her and I think this work will remain on her shelves for awhile. 

Finally, we have been exploring these beautiful laminated butterflies. We have simply been enjoying them and doing simple 2 part lessons with their names. These will be great for many years, and I can't wait to explore them further as we officially move into spring and summer. 

These gorgeous butterfly stickers have also been fun to work with! Stickers are amazing fine motor work! 

And finally, we've been enjoying some vintage butterfly prints around her play area. They have been the perfect backdrop against the cold, icy yard! 

While this is what we are working on, there are so many other beautiful Montessori friendly materials that can be used to study butterflies! Here are a few favorites: 

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Christina said…
Those activities look so fun! I bet the laminated butterflies would look beautiful on a light box as well. It can also be really fun to buy caterpillars and watch them build their cocoons and turn into butterflies, but I suppose you'd have to wait for Spring to arrive for that!
Unknown said…
Love this and can't wait to do Spring activities! Thank you for sharing! What section of target did you find the butterfly stickers? Thanks!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
They were near the kids art supplies, on an end cap. They came with realistic flower stickers too. I bought them about a year ago, but I just saw them again the other day!
Mama's Happy Hive
These are fantastic butterfly activities and resources! I clicked several items into my Amazon cart. I love to look at beautiful butterflies and wish for spring. :)
Unknown said…
I love this set of activities! Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
So many precious activities. I love the butterfly prints too.