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December 03, 2015

Montessori at Christmas -- Finding Joy and Wonder

I'm a sucker for Christmas. I love the lights and the colors and the fanfare. I love the candles, the food, the music. The tree! Oh man, our house was made to have a Christmas tree. The only thing I could possibly love more at Christmas is watching my children experience Christmas. 

As a Montessori parent, I've tried to really teach myself to watch and observe before reacting. Sometimes, that's really hard because it looks like your child is ready to do something dangerous or destructive. Or, they are just doing something in a different way than you.

But, it is so important. If you sit back and let it happen, they often completely surprise you. Its through this observation that you can really see your child. See the spark of interest in their eyes and see what pulls them in. 

And sometimes, through this observation you find your children in awe, wondering about everything around them. It can be easy to jump right in with all the right answers. But, have you ever tried just wondering with them? Enjoying the beauty of things in their simplest form? If not, what better time than the holidays to try it!?

Wonder with them! Wonder yourself! It can take you to amazing places. Follow the child! Wonder to see something so ordinary in a completely new light -- to let go of all the constraints of adult life and to get a whole new view on something extraordinary. This is the essence of Montessori -- its not the stuff, its the attitude.

So, I wish for you all to sit back this holiday season! To observe the joys around you. To wonder and revel in the complete awesomeness of the season. Forget about all the stuff -- all the presents, and toys.

Wonder with your children about the magic. And, I'm not talking Santa-type magic. But the glowy, family love, the complete giving, the warmth -- those everyday moments of magic. Schedule some time to slow down and take in all the joy around you. 

Then, I hope you can share the magic! Share with your family, your friends, and your children. Share the beauty of the season! Share {our card is from Tiny Prints} all of its joy!

So, remember -- observe, wonder, share! Have a happy Montessori Christmas!

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