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June 21, 2014

Nora Marjorie

On Wednesday, June 18, Morgan, Henry and I welcomed Nora Marjorie into the world after 18 hours of labor.

I'll write a full birth soon, but everything was perfect and Nora and I are doing great. We are finally home and getting to know each other!

Things will be a little quiet around here as we adjust to our little rainbow, but I hope to be back soon! If you want baby pictures (because really who doesn't!?) make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily (and sometimes hourly) updates. 

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Amy @ No Greater Honors
I LOVE the picture of you and Nora - the sweet peace in your eyes is so wonderful to see after all the rough times in the past year or two! I am so glad that everything went well, and will be praying that it continues to go well for you!
Azielle said…
Congratulations! She's beautiful. And I love the way Henry is looking at her. That's true love!
Kaysha said…
Congratulations! Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures. :)
cpcable said…
Warmest congratulations! She is perfect. :)
kjw said…
She is gorgeous! Congratulations!!
Laura Funk
Laura Funk said…
She is a beautiful rainbow. So happy for you!