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September 29, 2015

A Montessori Moment

Sometimes it's in the smallest moments that I remember why I love Montessori so much. Through all the challenges that parenting presents, its really these remarkable moments that make you take pause about how awesome these little beings truly are. 

This morning was like any other, I was working in my office before Morgan left for work. He had gotten the children fed and dressed before we switched roles -- him off to work and me off to parenting. Henry and Nora were playing happily when I returned from my office. 

Shortly after I came up, Nora started getting a bit crabby. Sometimes my presence reminds her that she would like to nurse. Except she wasn't signing to nurse. She was making large sweeping motions with her arms, similar to signing all done. I asked her "all done with what?" but that just made her crankier. 

She just kept looking to me and sweeping her arms. Finally, I said "show me Nora." She stopped suddenly walked over to Henry and pointed at his face. Sure, enough some of his breakfast was still on his face! 

It all clicked! The motion was the same as how she "wipes up" her table after meals. "Oh! Brother needs to wipe up!" She instantly smiled and shook her head yes. We walked to the sink, got a rag and helped Henry wipe his face. Henry and I were equally amused and impressed. 

See that's the thing about Montessori. It teaches us to respect even what the smallest children are saying to us. It helps us remember to stop and listen. They have a voice and they often have something very important to say! 

Had I ignored her pleas and attempts at communication, I wouldn't have missed much. Henry's face would have eventually been cleaned. But, I would have missed Nora. I would have missed something that was important to her. An opportunity to make her a whole {heard} member of our family. I'm so happy I didn't miss this moment, this opportunity. She's valued, she's loved, she's respected -- even if she's little.

{I hope you enjoy this sneak peak at our new playroom! More to come on that!}

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ARWmamaoffive said…
So much love for this post! :)
Nduoma said…
Seriously want to hug this post.
CandaceChantell said…
Aww! Something to look forward to! Love the post! What camera do you use?
Cristina ยท Montessori en Casa
Love it! These moments are great.
Unknown said…
So so precious, and so so true!! What a wonderful reminder to us all to just slow down, and really pay attention to what our children are trying to communicate to us, each in their own special ways. What a joy for her to have been heard!
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen said…
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