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February 01, 2014

20 weeks

Somehow this pregnancy is half over! I honestly, don't know how that happened. It really does go faster the second time, just like everyone warned me. 

This month I've felt really pretty good -- pregnancy wise. For the last two weeks, I've been fighting a lingering cold that has zapped the little energy I've had to begin with and interrupting my sleep. I'm slowly feeling better, so I hope that means my energy will return.

I still feel like I'm carrying lower this time, and maybe smaller? It's hard to tell, I obviously didn't know as much about photography back when I was pregnant with Hen. 

At my last doctor appointment, I mentioned to my doctor that I was having some weird heart flutters. Sort of a fluttering/pounding feeling. I had also mentioned it at my 1st trimester appointments. My doctor said its most likely normal -- although not a super common symptom for 2nd trimester. So, she wanted me to see a cardiologist just to make sure everything was fine. 

A little over a week ago, I went and had a heart echo done. Thankfully, everything with the echo looked totally normal and there was nothing to worry about there. I was also strapped up to a holter monitor  -- a bunch of electrodes and a electronic monitor -- for 24 hours to take a look at what my heart was doing. I still haven't gotten these results back, so hopefully everything will be normal, and its just an annoying pregnancy symptom.

I haven't really had many other pregnancy symptoms. A few aches and pains. A little slower. A little more hungry. But, all is well! Over the last month, Wiggles has been wiggly. Not a day goes by where this baby doesn't surprise me with how much he/she moves. I'm dying to get another look at him/her and hopefully find out the gender in just a few short days!! 

Ultrasound is first thing Tuesday morning, so if you haven't voted boy or girl check out the poll, right over there. ------> 


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kjw said…
You look great! I'm sorry about the heart flutters, I know that has to be a little unnerving. I had to wear one of those holter monitors back in high school, but I have a known heart issue. I'm glad you're feeling a little better and I hope you get more of your energy back. Can't wait to see what you have cooking in there!
Audrey said…
Such a sweet bump - this reminds me I should take at least one pic of my belly - 14 weeks now and not one shot! With Teddy, I took them at least every fortnight from about 8 weeks so perhaps a bit slack this time around. In my highly unprofessional opinion, looks to me that you have more of a basketball this time, not as stretched up as your first ;)