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February 04, 2014

It's a...

Meet Nora Marjorie Kavanaugh! Perfectly healthy, measuring 20w6d and 13oz! We can't wait to meet you baby Nora!


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Brita Johanna
Brita Johanna said…
Nicole! Congrats to you and Morgan. I was rooting for a girl. When's she due?
Syl said…
What a beautiful name, congratulations!
Amy said…
Congrats! Nora is my DD's name, so I'm a fan! What's funny is we're considering Henry for our boy (I'm 19w). Guess we have the same taste in names!
Unknown said…
I knew it!!! Congrats!!! Beautiful name!!!
Unknown said…
How exciting! I think this is the year of the girl. Everyone I know is having girls this year.
Michele Chronister
Hooray!!! Congratulations!!!
Amy @ No Greater Honors
I always loved seeing all the wonders that an ultrasound catches, especially the gender! Congratulations! I was really thinking boy, but I am so happy you get to experience a girl! Hopefully she'll have Henry's curls and big eyes, too! Welcome to the world of hairbows and ruffles!
Audrey said…
Congratulations! SO wonderful everything is going well xox
Kira said…
Yay I am so excited for you!!!
kjw said…
Awww, congratulations!!