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January 10, 2014

Catch the Moment 1/52

As promised, my first week (plus a couple extra days from the beginning of the year) for the Catch the Moment 365 project. So far, I'm finding Lightroom to be pretty frustrating, I'm used to really intuitive user friendly software, and this is just going to take some time. 

Day 1: My serious musician

Day 2: Henry's favorite toy for the day

Day 3: "I take a picture of you!"

Day 4: Hiding to avoid going outside. {iPhone - no edits}

Day 5: Left over Christmas -- taking down the tree

Day 6: Indoor Snow -- in his Halloween costume

Day 7: Pouring his homemade juice -- such concentration

Day 8: Quick grocery stroll

Day 9: Stumbled on Yo Gabba Gabba color matching {iPhone edited}

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Bees_Circus said…
Love these pictures, especially your attention to detail and that sweet face! Xxx
~C~ said…
neat photos! Love the ornaments. and panda...mmm. super cute kiddo too!!
The Pajama Mama
The Pajama Mama said…
That first picture may be my favorite of him ever. So sweet. He is so adorable, it's hard to pick a favorite!
Mindy said…
Wonderful photos!
Unknown said…
Such sweet photos!
Branson said…
Great photos! My little guy loves his guitar as well :)
Unknown said…
Wonderful photos, loved all of them!
Anonymous said…
I love these!!
Anonymous said…
I just love following you and I'm interested to see what you think of Lightroom. I'm so familiar with Photoshop Elements I don't see the need to switch!
Carrie said…
The first picture is so powerful!
ModernJune said…
These are so great! I love them!
Lindsay said…
I'm so jealous of everyone's indoor snow activities! Send me some snow. Also, these are awesome! <3
WeeMasonMan's Mom
Oooh, you totally just inspired me to bring some snow in the next time the kiddo is whining because we can't play outside when it's -20 degrees! Thanks for that!

Love the Gabba matching - nice colors and perspective!
Heather said…
Love the photo of henry taking a picture of you - He's the cutest!