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December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm not sure when Christmas officially became the season of being rushed, but this year, that's certainly what it felt like. Rushed from one house to another, from one meal to the next, from one present to the next, and so on. But, here we are December 27, and it's the first time I feel like I've had a chance to just sit. 

{I love these kids! E-2.5, J-5, H-2.5, K-13, E-3m. How can you not love cousins dressed in matching Christmas jammies?!}

But, we were blessed to be with our families and had a wonderful time traveling and seeing everyone. Because of my work schedule and Morgan's it was a very short trip -- only spending 2 days in Eau Claire -- which probably added to the rushed-feelings. 

This year, we stuck with tradition and spent Christmas Eve with Morgan's side, and Christmas Day with mine. Both days were filled with family, late nights, delicious food, and too many treats. My new found 2nd trimester appetite was not complaining about the last part! 

Henry was so excited for Christmas this year. I was really looking forward to the days with him. But, in the moment, it was clear it was all a little too much for him. He refused to actually open anything himself, and made Morgan or me do it. Once the first present was open, he had ZERO interest in opening anything else. And, it was just kinda clear he didn't enjoy all the attention. I was a little disappointed that he didn't rip into his presents the way his cousins did, but he will get there at his own pace. 

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday. I hope Christmas brought you as much joy and love as it did for our family. Merry Christmas! 


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Sarah said…
What a great Christmas! Glad to know you are getting your appetite back!
Lindsay said…
We always used to travel for Christmas and it was such a headache. Now that we have Ethan, I play the "everyone come to us!" card and it's so much easier, haha. We do Christmas Eve at my mom's but that's only about an 8 minute car ride away, and Christmas Day at our house with just our families. I'm so jealous of all of Henry's cousins, though! We have such a small family and I'm always so jealous of kids who get all the similarly aged cousins! Love the Santa PJ's photos!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
We are so lucky that we only have to travel a little over an hour and that both our parents are in the same town, but its still a hassle and I think we all felt it this year. Next year, we have plans to stay home.

And, yes! Love all the little cousins in a row. I wish he could have a few on my side too, but I don't think that's going to happen.