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October 12, 2013

A Glimmer of Hope

So, it has been a little quiet around here this week. This is why --

First Response, 3 weeks

Of course, panic has set it a bit. Paralyzing even. But despite the panic and fear, I have hope. My HCG levels have risen from 21, to 58, to 134 -- doubling perfectly in 48 hours.

After 4 losses, I'm not feeling confident, and I'm pretty sure that I won't for a long long time. And, at this point, anything could happen. So, once again, I need your prayers and your hope.

*And if we happen to be friends on Facebook, let's keep this a secret for now!*


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Unknown said…
Wow! Congrats Nicole! I know it's scary and so hard after so many losses, but try to have a glimmer of hope left that this is your sticky, rainbow baby!! Sending so many positive vibes to you and your little baby xo :)
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
FX for u!!!!!! I hope this is it! xoxo
Meagan said…
Thinking sticky for you!
Heather said…
Good luck! Sticky sticky baby!
Amy @ No Greater Honors
your secret is safe with me :) That is, between the Lord and I :) I will be praying that, no matter the outcome, peace reigns in your heart! (oh, and that pretty soon, there will be much joy when everything continues to do what it should be doing!!!)
Unknown said…
Yay! Stick baby stick!
erica @ to the sea
Congrats! Hoping everything works out and you get your rainbow baby!
Susan said…
Fingers (and toes) crossed for you & Morgan!
Allyson said…
You know, when I was in the NICU with my daughter, a bunch of women were sitting in the "pump room" talking, and I'll never forget what one woman said to me. We were all discussing how terrible it was that we were there, and how many of us felt like we would never have another baby again even though we knew we had wanted to at one point. This woman looked at me and said that she had lost a baby a year earlier, but that she and her husband had decided that they would endure whatever it took to have the family that they knew they were supposed to have. She said that it was hard, but they knew it would come and they would endure whatever happened in order to get their family. Whenever I feel too chicken or like I can't handle the thought of trying for another, I think of her!

Congratulations! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
Unknown said…
I stumbled upon your blog this morning and have been in tears ever since! It seems that our two infertility stories are exactly the same. Perfectly healthy child born in 2011 followed by repeat chemical pregnancies over the last year! I am so excited to see that you are expecting again. I will be praying (hard) for you and this little baby, that she will be your miracle! Thank you so much for what you have written, it has given me so much strength and hope to hear from someone who has dealt with the same crippling grief that I have over this past year. Best of luck, baby dust to you for a sticky little bean! I will be praying xoxoxo

Karen Coccia
sunlavender said…
Yeah, yeah! Sending a million good wishes your way :D
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Do not give up hope. :D
Jennifer @ Polliwog in a Blog
Congrats! fingers crossed for you! :)
Michele Chronister
Congrats!!!! So many prayers!
Kaysha said…
Congrats. Praying all goes well!
Unknown said…
Hope this turns out well!
Ashley! said…
I've been reading your blog and I hope this is a sticky baby for you!
Anita said…
Just saw this.... Congrats! I hope this baby sticks.
melissa said…
I've been thinking of you since I saw this ... on my phone which is terrible for commenting ;) I hope you're feeling well, and I'm sending all the healthy baby (and healthy mama) thoughts I can manage. So very excited for you!
Anonymous said…
why are you so focused on having another child when you don't seem to enjoy the one you have? You are always angry and yelling at him
Kim Chodorowski
Kim Chodorowski said…
Don't be a jerk. Nicole, I'm praying for you!! Best if luck :)
Kim Chodorowski
Kim Chodorowski said…
Don't be a jerk. Nicole, I'm praying for you!! Best if luck :)
Anonymous said…
Congrats Nicole! I'm sure this is a scary time, and I'm not the praying type but I really really hope the best for you. From a Bumpie.