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October 14, 2013

Letter T Tot School

As we continue to work through the alphabet, this week we focused on the letter T. Here are some of the letter t tot school trays that we explored during this unit. 

Ideas for toddlers to explore the letter T. This tot school unit explores tools, tigers, tweezers, transportation and more!

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

Main Trays

On our first tray was a basket of wooden blocks and a sheet with a letter T and t. Henry could use the blocks to make each of the letters. My {now officially broken} laminator ate the sheet half-way through which is why it is creased.

I saw a lot of the kids trying this one at the co-op so I think it was a success. Henry wasn't super into it, and only sort of understood what to do with the blocks.

The second tray was a tiger dot sheet that I made. I placed some dots on the black parts of the tiger and some on the orange. Then, I included orange and black pom-poms and some tweezers. Then, Henry could tweeze the poms into place to complete the tiger.

This was a big hit with Henry who seemed to like the friendly tiger. Although he ignored the tweezers most of the time {except to ask to tweeze my eyebrows -- no joke!} and used his fingers instead.

The third tray was the most popular this week. It was a small construction-type set {similar} that I found at a garage sale this summer for a couple of dollars. It included a cork board, some wooden shapes with a small hole in them, some tacks, and a small wooden hammer. The kids could put the tack into the shape and use the tool to hammer it into place.

This required serious concentration from all of the kids, including Henry. However, Henry loved this and tried very hard to get the pieces where he wanted them. One little boy at the co-op spent the majority of class using this and covered the entire cork board.

Other Letter T Inspired Trays 

Magnet Board: Transportation magnets

Transportation Sorting: This basket included 3 cards -- one for air, land, and sea. Then, the basket had 3 sponges -- a car, a boat, and an airplane. The goal was to match the cards to the shapes. I thought this would be kind of tough, but Henry understood it right away. He also went back to it quite a bit.

Letter T dry-erase tracing: Always a favorite

Toothpicks into a container: Simple yet, fun! Another one that Henry has come back to a lot this week.

Letter T sensory bin: This actually got a lot more use than some of the previous ones have gotten.

How have you explored letter T with your child? Does you toddler like tot school activities? 
Ideas for toddlers to explore the letter T. This tot school unit explores tools, tigers, tweezers, transportation and more!

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Kristina said…
Love your trays-- as usual!
Sixtine et Victoire
I was looking at the toothpicks thinking: "cure-dent", it doesn't start with T I don't get it...Oh yeah, Toothpicks! Great ideas! Did you make your magnet board or did you buy it as is? Ohh I love the construction set - how old were the children using it? I wonder if it would be appropriate for my two year old? Thank you for sharing!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
The magnet board is just a 9x13 cookie sheet that I purchased! The kids using the construction tray were between 2.5 and 3, it was certainly much more difficult for Henry (2.5) than it was for the 3 year olds, but Henry was able to do it, so you're 2 year old might as well.
Amy @ No Greater Honors
I love it! The shapes cork board is such a great garage sell find!