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August 26, 2013

Letter P Tot School

Over the last two weeks we have focused on the letter P at tot school. Unlike the letter O tot school trays, Henry really enjoyed all the activities for letter P tot school and asked for tot school time much more frequently. Prior to this week, Henry could identify and say the letter P.

{Henry is 29 months old}

Main Trays 

On our first tray was a pattern matching letter P. Here, there were little foam blocks in different shapes and colors that Henry could build a P. I've seen these blocks all over, but we got ours at Michaels.

Tot school trays to explore the letter P. These easy to create ideas help toddlers learn to identify letters in a hands on, fun way.

This post contains affiliate links at no cost to you. 

This activity was pretty easy for Henry, but he loved it. He would do it over and over again. He was so proud to see the P he had made.

On the second tray was a set of P-words that Henry could spell out. Each word and its letters was color coded to help. This activity was harder for Henry and he didn't have the concentration to sit through the whole thing. However, we had some friends over for tot school, and the one of them is closer to 3, and he did great. So, I may bring something like this back in a few months. 

On the final tray was a combination sensory bin and size matching activity. It was three different sized pigs in a basket of corn. There were three different sized {big, medium, small} included. This way Henry could play with the pigs in the corn or sort them by size. 

Henry really enjoyed this tray, and it was by far his favorite for the weeks. He started out by just sorting the pigs, but by the end he was enjoying a lot of pretend play in the corn. It also led to some interesting discussions about the difference between "daddy" and "mommy" pigs.

Tot school trays to explore the letter P. These easy to create ideas help toddlers learn to identify letters in a hands on, fun way.

Other things we did for Letter P 

Small box of Animal Flashcards: Turns out a lot of animals start with P. Henry enjoyed pulling these out and talking about them. Especially the pandas.

Pig Chalkboard: I had found a wooden pig at Goodwill and I painted it with chalkboard paint and paired it with pink and purple pastels. This was a huge hit although, ended up being really messy.

Magnet Board: Including animals and leapfrog

P-Word Sorting: On this tray there were penguins, pandas, a policeman, and pirates. Henry could then sort them out. Henry occasionally liked to sort these, but mostly just wanted to play with the figures.

Letter P Sensory Bin: The sensory bin has been ignored a lot lately so I changed it up by putting it in a larger basket. That sort of worked, and Henry did pull it out and play a couple of times including the alphabet readers

How have you explored the letter P? Have you tried any of these ideas? 

Tot school trays to explore the letter P. These easy to create ideas help toddlers learn to identify letters in a hands on, fun way.


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Kaysha said…
Great ideas! You always put so much thought and effort into your activities!
Chelley N
Chelley N said…
I love reading these toy school posts. Henry suddenly looks so much older to me in this post!
Jen @ the mama years
Great activities as usual. He is getting so big!
Andrea said…
Great activities! I think I'll try that Letter P pattern matching activity as part of our Princess / Fairy Tale theme next week.

I love the wooden boxes and baskets you have! Where do you find them?
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I'm glad you like them! I get the baskets and other containers from all over, I'm constantly on the hunt for it. A lot of it is thrifted from either stores like Goodwill or garage sales. Some of it is found at craft stores like Michaels. And, sometimes I repurpose toy boxes (usually Melissa and Doug).
Anonymous said…
Hello. Love the blog! Great ideas here!
I was wondering if you can tell me the brand name of the flashcards you use (the one that says "Puffin" on it in the picture? I have used these same cards before, and I do not have them anymore. I would like to purchase them, but cannot find them online without the brand name. If you know the name of it, or where I can get it, can you please email it to me at Thanks!