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August 27, 2013

Minnesota State Fair 2013

It's State Fair season in  Minnesota! So, time for my annual photo dump. Last year Henry hated the state fair with a passion. Thankfully, this year was a lot different and we had a wonderful time. 

I mean, what 2.5 year old doesn't love a day that starts with mini donuts?

But, lets just forget his reaction to the Pronto Pups {corn dog}.

The horses {read the horses poop} was a huge hit. Actually, poop seemed to be the most exciting part of the day for Henry all around. 

Of course I took entirely too many pictures of roosters {and other adorable animals}.

And, exactly one picture was taken of me.

But, all good things must come to an end, and Henry was ready to go. And with streets this packed, so was I.

Until next year, Minnesota State Fair!


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Erika said…
His hair is so cute! I live in Winnipeg, and we get some TV coverage from the Twin Cities. We were watching a feature on the State Fair a few days ago and plan to go one day with our two year old. I've been to Minneapolis countless times, but have never made it to the state fair. Maybe next year!
Sarah said…
Love the fair! So glad Hen liked it better this year! We're going on Thursday! Whee!