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June 24, 2013

Letter M Tot School {Part 2}

Once we moved tot school into our new summer classroom, Henry couldn't get enough of tot school. This week we continued with the letter M so we used the same letter m tot school trays that we used last week. Henry still loved these, particularly the mail tray. 

But we did a bunch of other activities this week too:

A Letter M maze: Henry could move the little glass bead from the capital M to the lowercase m. He didn't quite understand the "maze" but he did have fun moving the bead around. 

Letter M magnet board

Dry erase sheet connecting Muno {from Yo Gabba Gabba} and monkeys. This was a big hit this week, and it was the first time Henry traced a line all by himself. 

Letter M craft. Colored with markers and M stickers. A few other letters just HAD to join in too.

Letter M breakfast:

Learning about the Moon:

And I just love this picture, I think it is the perfect example of why we choose to use Montessori principals in our home. By allowing Henry to choose what he would like to do, he becomes so totally engrossed in his learning, and its amazing to watch. 

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Jen @ the mama years
Great activities! And love the new space and of course that ikea shelf - it's perfect for them at this age!
Kirstylee @ Moms Have Questions Too
I need to be better about letting my kids choose their own activities. I'm a little hyper-organized sometimes and I just want my kids to do what I want them to do. ;) Henry does look very engrossed in that last picture though, so I really need to give my kids more choices during school time.
Rekha said…
Hi Nicole ,
Am very ardent fan of your blog . Great work you do in your blog and you have inspired many parents like me .
I have 2 questions though .
1) The tracing sheet you have in a transparent pouch , Does it glare light ? If not what sort of pouch is it ?
Coz I got a transparent pouch and sometimes that pouch glares light and this distracts my toddler daughter.

2) Do you use any software to prepare your sheets ?
I am using presently Windows word . But I couldnt do those mazes in the windows . Kindly help me .

Thanks and regards
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Thanks for reading!

1. yes it does glare, especially in bright light. Sorry.

2. I actually use Microsoft word too. That maze was made using word, so it is possible, I make 99% of my stuff using word. If you ever want something I've used, feel free to email me and I will share!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
I sometimes struggle with it too, but just limit their choices to what you place out. So you still have some control!
Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report
Thanks! Plus that shelf was the deal of the century!
Lindsay said…
LOVE all of your activities (and letter breakfasts!) as usual! And that last picture -- SO TRUE! I hate explaining to people that I'm not "mean" for "making Ethan do school" and it really is just amazing to watch them become so engrossed in their learning and play!