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Tot School: Rectangles for Fall

Henry is 19 months old.

Tot school was back this week with a ton of great toddler activities. Henry had a blast and chose to stay at tot school for over an hour each day. Our shape this week was rectangle, and we continued with the fall theme.
On the activity wall, things stayed pretty similar to last week. On the magnet board were some new colored rectangle magnets. I found them at a local surplus store and they are awesome. Henry really enjoyed playing with them. I also had the numbered foam strips so that Henry could make rectangles. On the felt board there were a bunch of colored rectangles. The weather wall stayed the same.
The tot trays were really fun this week. Once again, these were Henry's favorite.The first tot tray was the felt button tree that I posted about earlier this week. Henry liked the tree. He wasn't able to put the leaves on the tree, but he tried. A lot of the time he just wanted to match the leaves to the same colored button -- which was fine by me!

The second tray was a Melissa and Doug Clock Shapes Puzzle. Henry had never seen the puzzle before, but  he still didn't super love it. The pieces were pretty small which is different from most of the puzzles he's used to. Although, he spent a good amount of time carrying around the yellow star shape.

The final tray was a fall themed sensory bin. It contained beans, cut-up fall-themed tissue, fabric leaves, foam rectangles, plastic tabletop leaves, the leaves from fall garland and a wooden tree and owl that I painted. I also gave Hen a plastic spice jar, a tablespoon, funnel, and measuring cup. Henry lost it, he loved it so much. He spend the majority of the time playing with it at tot school.

He definitely had moments of frustration with the spice jar {which you can see in the pictures was almost always in his hand} when he couldn't open the lid right away. He would end up throwing it across the room and screaming. By the end of the week, he had gotten better though. He had a bunch of fun just scooping beans in and out of the measuring cup. He also loved sorting the objects from the bin into the spice jar.

The books in the book bin this week were either about rectangles or fall. Hen actually read more than I expected him too, and even let me read to him. It was a nice change. Henry's favorite book was  My favorite book was What Shape is it? by Bobbie Kalman. My favorite was Leo's Tree By Pearson, Debora -- it definitely had me crying.

Other things we did this week were: 

Sponge painted trees onto a rectangle.

Put fall themed stickers onto a rectangle. 

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Breanna said…
He is adorable! :) Oh my goodness! I can't believe he is 19 weeks already...what great ideas! I totally need to pin this for when Baby Rush is here and older :)
Breanna said…
I meant 19 months, not weeks, haha! :)
Lindsay said…
These are awesome! I love your fall themed activities!
Kylie said…
Wheels still loves both jars and scooping things into them :)
MamaDuck76 said…
So many fun activities...I love the button tree! Your striped containers are really cute :)

My youngest is almost 19 months, and I'm slacking in the tot school department. I really should start including some activities for her soon.
Becky Marie said…
I love your activity wall, every time I see it I plan to cut out felt shapes and it just hasn't happened yet. Looks like you had a fun week! (do you mind if I pin your pictures?)
Unknown said…
What an adorable little guy you have! I love all the activities you did with him. We have that clock and love it. I used it to teach my oldest how to tell time. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.
Deb Chitwood said…
Awesome activities, Nicole! I especially love your felt button tree and your fall sensory bin. Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and pinned it to my Kids' Fall Activities Pinterest Board at

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